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FREE Motion Graphics

A lot of folks who make their own videos are missing a big trick.You MUST add extra quality to stand out … and a super easy way is to do that today is to use Motion Graphics.Go watch this video << SEE THEM IN ACTION These are drag & drop simple to use and they […]

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Vidmonial Video Testimonial System

Video testimonials are probably the BEST kind of social proof you can get for your business but…they are TOUGH to get from your customers! CHECK THIS OUT ==> Vidmonial Video Testimonial System Here’s an overview demo: What’s Vidmonial 2.0 and How’s It Different?Vidmonial 2.0 is a cloud platform integrated with breakthrough video technology that automates […]

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FREE Audio Tracks from BigAudio Club

I’ve scored another freebie sample pack for you! These are from the BigAudio Club Collection of audio tracks. CHECK THIS MASSIVE BUNDLE HERE ==> BigAudio Collection I’ve gotten permission to put together a cherry-picked sample pack for you: You can download your FREEBIE HERE ==> Sample Audio Tracks Here’s my full review: PROS There are […]

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Creative Commons 101

I was asked last week about: Creative Commons Licensing for using other people’s content (video, images, music, etc.) in our video projects. The thing is… it can be VERY useful… but equally as confusing! Fortunately, awhile back I created a nifty little Creative Commons (CC) “Primer” video to help at least lay the groundwork for […]

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Collecting Video Content Ideas

I got a question from a member named Mark: How do you collect and organize your ideas for video content? Good question? As video creators, finding good content for our viewers can be challenging. It’s not so much that finding ideas for good content is difficult…I probably stumble across at least several a day. The […]

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How To Use Quick Video Tips

Video is great for establishing credibility, trust, and rapport with your audience. Sharing what you know, your expertise, insight, and perspective is the basis for all kinds of useful content including blog posts (like this one!), social media interaction, YouTube channel food…the list goes on and on. But many folks struggle with creating this useful […]

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Camtasia Studio Animations Explained

Animations in Camtasia Studio are something many folks struggle to “wrap their heads around”. In this mini tutorial, I’ll walk you through the basic concept to make it easy to understand! Once you understand how animations work in general, it’s much easier to incorporate them in your work. But PLEASE remember this: Animations are a special effect! […]

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