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10,000 “No Background” Images

In Camtasia & PowerPoint videos, images are core assets to help tell your visual video story. Some of my favorite types of images are ones with the “background” removed where to subject of the image is isolated on a transparent background. CHECK THESE OUT ==> 10,000 Transparent Images NOTE: Use this coupon code for an […]

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3D Rotating Text in Camtasia

Here’s a fun trick I picked up a few years ago from my buddy Peter Gillberg at Callouts.com The tutorial I did for it way back then (in Camtasia 8) is actually one of my more popular videos on YouTube with 45,000+ views so I thought I would update it for Camtasia 9 & higher: […]

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Awesome FREE PowerPoint Video Template

Because of my excellent relationship with some of the top PowerPoint template developers on the planet, I often ask them to allow me to share some of their work with our folks for free. I also create tutorials for these to help you learn how they are created, how to modify them to make your […]

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4 cool PowerPoint Tips

As part of our on-going commitment to the PowerPoint Video Mastery training course, I’m always coming up with new tips and ideas to help make you a better PowerPoint video creator. Here are 4 quick tips to add to your PowerPoint skill set: [s3vpp id=6dc807e4cd93b841341246f7b951ea1d] Tip #1: Did you know you can change the Default […]

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Wonderous Logo templates Review & FREEBIE

I’m a big fan of Nelson Long and his SuperGoodProducts PowerPoint templates and other video tools & resources! Check out this big collection of animated logos ==> Wonderous Logos Here’s my full review of the package along with tips & ideas for using these templates even if you are NOT interested in a logo: [s3vpp […]

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How to Create Black & White Images and Videos in Camtasia

A question during a recent Screencast Video Coaching session: “Is there a way to make images or videos black & white in Camtasia?” – Chris P. Well, yes! Yes there is! Here’s a short tutorial showing the very simple technique to do that: [s3vpp id=9e3bf9dbc489fd9735633dde54bb138c] So often getting the results you want in Camtasia boil […]

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FREE PowerPoint Video Template

My good buddy Nelson Long over at SuperGood Products is one of my favorite PowerPoint video innovators. His video templates are always amazing for a variety of reasons and he is releasing a new set called: CHECK OUT ==> Majestic Templates v2.0 The cool part is: Nelson has agreed to let me give one of […]

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