Collecting Video Content Ideas

collect-content-ideas-1I got a question from a member named Mark:

How do you collect and organize your ideas for video content?

Good question? As video creators, finding good content for our viewers can be challenging. It’s not so much that finding ideas for good content is difficult…I probably stumble across at least several a day.

The bigger issue (at least for my ADHD brain) is: Unless I actually make a video based on the idea at that moment? Ya…I lose it as soon as 15 seconds passes and the next shiny object lands on my screen.

I use several tools to “collect” and store my ideas including lists, bookmarks, and all the standard stuff but the ones I keep going back to are tools that not only make it really easy for me to just “click-n-save” but also build sweet looking webpages FOR me, let me share & post automatically, are social in nature, and help me build a community at the same time.

Here are two of my current favorites: Scoop.It (free and paid versions) and Google+ Collections used to be free for up to 5 “topic” pages. Now, you can only get one for free and they have an upgrade for a monthly fee.

There is a little button you can add to your browser so when you find something cool, click it and Scoop It! It will add it to a beautifully formatted page for you.

Here are a couple examples:

1. My Camtasia Tips & Tricks Page

2. My PowerPoint For Video Page

I also recently started using a new (at least to me) feature in Google+ called Collections.

You can make these public for sharing or private if you want to collect stuff just for your own “idea box”.

Here’s a couple of examples:

1. Ideas For Screencast Video Coaching Calls – I collect interesting things I might cover in our Weekly Screencast Coaching Webinars

2. Cool PowerPoint Stuff

Hope you find this useful!

Leave a comment, question and/or share!

– Lon Naylor


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