Creative Commons 101

cc-101I was asked last week about: Creative Commons Licensing for using other people’s content (video, images, music, etc.) in our video projects.

The thing is… it can be VERY useful… but equally as confusing!

Fortunately, awhile back I created a nifty little Creative Commons (CC) “Primer” video to help at least lay the groundwork for you to wrap your head around it:

Now, the interesting thing is: I did NOT “create” this video! Since it had a CC license that allowed me to create a “derivative” work, that’s what I did!

Here’s the original video:

Here are the steps I followed to modify it:

  1. First, I downloaded the original source video footage.
  2. I transcribed to narration to a text document so I could work with the flow of narration to video content (basically, creating a script).
  3. I re-wrote portions of the script to be more relevant to all of you folks (talking about video instead of just the kiwi image).
  4. I recorded my new narration track. To make it easier to edit, I REALLY tried to keep with the same number of words so the timing wouldn’t be too off i.e. not adding a bunch of verbiage that would run longer than the video portion.
  5. Dropped the video into Camtasia, Separated Audio & Video, deleted the narration track.
  6. Replaced it with my own narration audio
  7. Added a nice music track
  8.  A little slicing, dicing, minor embellishments and BOOM!

A good example of not only teaching a topic, but also leveraging Creative Commons all in one shot?

Let me know what you think! 😉

  • Lon Naylor

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Find out more about Creative Commons:

Try the CC Search Tool:



Attribution By: Creative Commons Kiwi by Creative Commons Aotearoa New Zealand is licensed under CC BY 3.0.



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