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Camtasia Studio 8 is coming soon!

Heads up! Techsmith has finally announced that Camtasia Studio version 8 is coming soon. I’ve been using the Technical Preview beta version for awhile and it looks awesome! I can’t talk about any of the details because of my Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) with Techsmith but I can say: If you’ve known me for any length […]

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Evergreen Business System LITE

Hands down, one of my favorite marketing strategies is webinars! There’s something about an “event” that happens at a predetermined time that draws all of us in with anticipation…like waiting for the next episode of American Idol to kick off at it’s scheduled time. My top video marketing strategy is to RECORD all my webinars […]

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How To Record A Webinar

We all have the best of intentions when it comes to attending live webinars. But then life happens… and you end up missing the event! That is why it is so important to record any live webinars you present, so that registrants can view it later at their leisure and on their own time schedule. […]

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Joint Ventures from Live Events

Wanna see fast results when it comes to building your business? You have to do “things” online like list building, driving traffic, creating content & products…all that. You can do all that by yourself…OR…you can leverage Joint Venture (JV) partners and make it happen in a hurry. That’s what I do! The best JV relationships […]

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Camtasia Audio Tip – Record in 3’s

Record Camtasia Audio in 3's

There are LOTS of times when I record the audio track for my Camtasia videos first. Why? Several reasons: Trying to record a vocal narration and record video footage at the same time leads to mistakes and extra editing. I can take a recorded audio source file and drop it into Audacity to remove noise, […]

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Camtasia 7 Overview

Here’s a really nice Overview of Camtasia Studio 7 from Techsmith. Lookup swift codes United Kingdom banks     I love the creative use of “stop-motion” video frames and interesting backgrounds like the hand-drawn video monitor that serves as a display for screen capture content. Oh ya…and it’s a really good overview as well! 😉 […]

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Camtasia 7 Drag n Drop Custom Callouts

In this Camtasia 7 Screencast QuickTip, I’ll cover a very nice “hidden” feature in the new Camtasia Studio version 7. In version 6, to add custom images to your videos, you had to add something called a Custom Callout (in a somewhat complicated procedure) before you could add them to your timeline. In Camtasia 7…it’s […]

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