FREE Motion Graphics

A lot of folks who make their own videos are missing a big trick.

You MUST add extra quality to stand out ... and a super easy way is to do that today is to use Motion Graphics.

Go watch this video << SEE THEM IN ACTION

These are drag & drop simple to use and they work great in Camtasia!

This pack is called Motion Hero Volume 1 and comes from my good friend Jules Watkins of Video Hero.

Making your videos visually engaging is the KEY to them being effective, improving watch time, conversions, making them sharable, and lots of other benefits as well.

And I talked Jules into giving us a FREE SAMPLE pack to use and see how cool and simple to use these are!

Watch my FULL review and TUTORIAL for the free sample pack (Download below):

And, for a LIMITED TIME, I've also scored a special deal for $10 off the regular price.

Get your discount automatically HERE: $10 off on Motion Hero Pack 1

Motion Graphics can be used to:

  • Add essential Calls to Action (Subscribe, Share, Enter your details etc). You need these!
  •  Improve Online Course Videos by teaching visually via animated text boxes and annotations
  • As Lower thirds .. to explain what's on screen quickly via text without needing
    to elongate your Video by saying everything
  • For Signposting what's coming up or coming next in your video add humor and engagement by making your Videos jump out from the screen
  • Plus lots more!

This is a great addition to your Camtasia video toolbox and I'm highly recommending the Motion Hero Graphic Assets

Get them BEFORE this timer runs out for a $10 DISCOUNT:



- Lon Naylor

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