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According to the investment firm IBIS Capital…

The online education market hit $91 billion in 2017 and topped $256 billion in 2018.

  • It seems that EVERYONE today searches the internet to learn stuff and Online Video Training (a.k.a. Elearning) is now one of the FASTEST growing opportunities to profit online.
  • So how can you get in on this opportunity? Start thinking about what YOU know and what YOU can teach to others.
  • What you know IS valuable to others... even though you might not think so! You just need to know HOW to get what you know out of your head and into a video.
  • And you need to do it the RIGHT way - the most efficient way and the way that helps your audience to learn.
  • But you need to know this...

There is a RIGHT way... and a WRONG way to create training that’s engaging and “works”

There is actually a science to it...

It can be hard for a beginner to know exactly what order to teach content and how much to include. There really IS a right way to organize your material that makes it much more likely your students will actually learn and retain the information. This method will vastly improve the quality of your video training. And higher quality courses mean:

  • more sales
  • more referrals and
  • less refunds for you

It took me 2 years of graduate school and lots of years working for large corporations as an Instructional Technologist to learn and practice these adult learning methods.

So, in essence, I’ve done the hard work for you!

Michelle Schoen - Elearning Expert

Michelle Schoen managed and created video training courses and training webinars for both IBM and AT&T for 8 years.  Using that hands on experience plus her Masters Degree in Instructional design she has developed templates that contain the best organization and flow for an online training course.

INTRODUCING: The Elearning Video Training Templates and Instructional Design Series

Training Course PowerPoint Templates

Remember that science & graduate school degree thing? Well, Michelle Schoen has taken her years of education and experience and created "Ready-to-modify" PowerPoint templates and slides that follow the correct flow of top level training courses based on Gagne's Nine Events of Instruction (one of the most influential standards of Elearning professionals). Each PowerPoint Slide Deck:

  • Follows the step by step flow for how people learn best
  • Contains place holders for images and text that will be swapped out for your own
  • Shows you how to add Office Mix quizzes directly in PowerPoint to add  interactivity and engagement
  • Is easily customized to fit your niche
  • Includes beautiful animation that will make your presentation more interesting
  • Can be duplicated to use in as many courses as you want

Template 1

Template 1

Template 2

Template 2


Also included are two sample course Modules made with the templates, so you can see how easy they are to adapt to your content.

Course Sample 1

Course Sample 1

Course Sample 2

Sample 2

Complete Templates and Instructional Design Training


You will also receive 4 one hour sessions to make your courses even better.

Module 1 - How to Use the Templates

Module 1The Elearning video training templates are designed to get your video course up and ready fast. I’ll dive right in to show you exactly how to swap out the content and work with the animation. By the end of this session... you should be able to go through each slide, determine if you need it in your course, then customize it quickly to get your Modules and Lessons created fast.

You will learn how to:

  • Use mindmapping software to flesh out the content of your Video Training
  • Revise a Template in PowerPoint by swapping. Colors, fonts, backgrounds, images and icons
  • Insert videos within your training video, work with the existing animation and add quizzes/surveys to PowerPoint


Module 2 - Foundations of Instructional Design

Module 2

Once you've decided WHAT to teach in your course, you must determine HOW to present the materials in a way that is easy-to-follow. It's tempting to over-deliver in the name of being thorough, but that isn't always best for your students (or the best use of your time). I'll share my simple step by step course creation system. that will save you HOURS (if not WEEKS) in editing time.

You will learn how to:

  • Gather your course assets and organize them based on elearning techniques
  • Create a High Level Course Design/Outline properly using instructional design organizing principles and chunking of Objectives, Lessons and Topics
  • Make a video storyboard and where to find images
  • Create a Visual Style and activities to engage your learners


Module 3 - From PowerPoint to Camtasia and Beyond

Module 3

In this Module we’ll go over the Good, Better and Best techniques for recording your narration and exporting your video out of PowerPoint.  Then, if you have Camtasia and want to add additional interactivity to make your course highly professional you’ll learn how to do that here.  Once, your course is finished you’ll want a place to host that allows all your interactive features to work so we’ll show you where you do and do not want to host your video course.

You will learn how to:

  • Add narration and produce a video from PowerPoint
  • Include interaction such as quizzes, surveys and hotspots in Camtasia Studio
  • Produce and host your video


Module 4 - Marketing Your Course Using Joint Ventures

Module 4

In this last Module we’ll show you our favorite technique for selling our video training- Joint Ventures. Lon and I have tried all kinds of marketing and selling techniques and JVs are the ones that continue to deliver us great results. You’ll learn how to set them up and how to provide a JV kit with all the information your partner will need to get you both great sales.

You’ll learn:

  • The definition of a Jont Venture in Internet Marketing
  • How JVs differ from simple affiliate marketing
  • The benefits of doing JV promotions
  • The best way to set up a JV

The ULTIMATE PowerPoint Video Recording Guide

Lon Naylor is an expert in creating video using PowerPoint! In this 3-part video training series, he covers his 3 Top Methods to quickly & easily produce professional videos using slides as content.

  1. The "Good" Method - Recording PowerPoint LIVE
  2. The "Better" Method - Pre-recording Audio
  3. The "Best" Method -  Completely mistake-free  pro results!

How About Some BONUSES?

Mindmap, Design Documents, and Resources

  • The Course Mindmap shows you the best way to layout your course and a general idea of how long each section should be.
  • The High Level Design Document can be used as the basis for a Proposal for an e-learning course or to help you organize your thoughts on the course structure.
  • Gagne’s Nine Events of Instruction will help you understand the science behind adult learning and how the template structures the learning flow for you.
  • Ten Ways to Organize Instructional Content will help you determine the best way to present your content.
  • Chunking Information for Instructional Design helps you determine how much content to include in each Topic in your course.

There is a TON of value packed into this course including:

  • Downloadable PowerPoint Templates

    Arrange, edit, record. These templates are designed to be the optimal flow for adult learning.

  • Premium Training by Experts

    With many years of corporate and private sector experience, Michelle and Lon have been collectively teaching folks just like you for decades.

  • Helpful Support

    If you have questions or problems, we have an excellent Support Desk at your disposal.

You get lifetime access to the complete program – including all the recordings, training resources, tools and everything else in the program – so you can catch up or review the material any time you like.

Online Course Developer is projected to be one of the top eight industries to start a business.

-INC. Magazine


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Your Training  contains top shelf information and is extremely well presented. So my hearty congratulations to Lon & Michelle for sharing their expertise in such a user friendly manner.

Selwyn Arrow,

I’ve been working with Michelle and Lon for a very long time and they have the most integrity of any of the teachers I’ve followed.

Roz Fruchtman

Since launching my first course a year ago, I have more than doubled my revenue and have more time for my family. My income now is 100% generated from online courses. Thanks for the training.

Caitlin Weise

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