Camtasia Studio Animations Explained

Animations in Camtasia Studio are something many folks struggle to “wrap their heads around”.

In this mini tutorial, I’ll walk you through the basic concept to make it easy to understand!

Once you understand how animations work in general, it’s much easier to incorporate them in your work.

But PLEASE remember this:

Animations are a special effect! DO NOT overuse them!

An animation is best used to draw attention to something important…to “lead the viewers eye” to what you want them to focus on and not just be a bunch of whirling, twirling junk with no point or purpose.

Enjoy and leave your comments, questions, and share!

Lon Naylor

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Deb Reply

Very nice. Thanks!

Sandra Reply

Good tutorial Lon. But, can you PLEASE tell us, do we have to delete an animation that we want to change the effect on after it has been created (example… the second animation you use doesn’t fit any longer with the first one spinning and smaller so do) or is there a way to adjust it?

    Lon Naylor Reply

    Hi Sandra,

    No, not usually. You can just put the play head AFTER the animation and change your visual properties i,e, position, size, motions, etc.

    Thanks for the question!
    – Lon

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