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Video testimonials are probably the BEST kind of social proof you can get for your business but…they are TOUGH to get from your customers!

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Here’s an overview demo:

What’s Vidmonial 2.0 and How’s It Different?
Vidmonial 2.0 is a cloud platform integrated with breakthrough video technology that automates the processes of capturing and displaying authentic video testimonials.

The new 2.0 version expands upon the initial 1.0 video capture tool transforming it into an entire video marketing review suite that captures, edits, syndicates, and markets both video and text testimonials all-in-one.

It Works in 5 Simple Steps:
01. Incentive Buyers of Any Product to Leave a Review
You can incentivise customers of your products, your clients, or someone else’s if you’re an affiliate to leave a video testimonial in exchange for a bonus, guide, coupon code, or any other incentive you want.

02. They Record The Review Quickly Via Desktop or Mobile

Now Vidmonial makes it easy in 1-click for the user to record the testimonial through their desktop or now through mobile if they are in a hurry. You can also choose to allow them to leave a text review and give star ratings.

03. Review and Testimonial and Edit the Video
Then, review the testimonial and edit it in the new Video Wizard. Transform it from a boring video to a solid marketing piece with custom CTAs, graphics, text, music and more you can share around the web.

04. Market the Video with Display and Widget Technology
Then, embed your video using brand new templates or showcase it, along with other similar product reviews on the new Vidmonial 2 Social Proof Widget to immediately begin increasing conversions.

05. Syndicate Around the Web for Traffic and Fresh Leads
In just a click, you can share the testimonial to tons of social networks for traffic and fresh leads. Now, instead of slaving away creating the videos yourself just have customers create them FOR you to use in your sales pages, blogs, Facebook ads, YouTube channels, and more.
Brand New Features Include:
100% Compatible with Mobile – Now buyers can record Vidmonials on the fly using only their phone for much higher conversion rates and more authentic looking testimonials.

Simple Video Wizard Editor – Add CTAs, background music, graphics, and more to your Vidmonials turning them into valuable pieces of marketing material.

Video & Text Reviews Social Proof Widget – Collect text and video reviews all for a specific product and showcase them all-at-once in a customizable widget to skyrocket social proof

More Video Display Options – Make your Vidmonials look AWESOME on any page you want with brand new video embed templates.

Syndicate to More Networks – Share your video testimonials to more social networks to drive traffic & build your brand

Capture Only Video Reviews, Text Reviews, or Both – Just want to run a regular text review capture campaign? No problem. Choose if you want to capture only video reviews, only text reviews, or both with more advanced campaign options now.

DFY Customizable Bonus/Thank You Pages with Easier Bonus Access – Instead of just an email link, create a full bonus page that includes your promised downloaded as well as the opportunity to further interact and engage with the user who left the testimonial.

1-Step Mobile Video Capture Pages – Vidmonial 2.0 replaces the low converting 3-page video capture campaign with a single, fast loading page for much higher conversion rates.

Show/Hide Captured Testimonial – Got negative or unfair feedback from a customer? Learn how to improve your product by watching the video, then hide it if you choose in your Social Proof Widget campaign for high conversions.

With More Features Including:
“Set-and-Forget” Testimonial Generating Cloud Campaigns – Create fully hosted campaigns with Vidmonial that capture video testimonials and deliver incentives for doing so on 100% autopilot

Live Capture Video Tech – Let visitors easily record themselves giving the testimonial through campaigns fully hosted by Vidmonial.

Display Video Testimonial Boxes Anywhere You Want

Showcase your video testimonials in stylish boxes on any page you want – works with Shopify, HTML, WordPress, Clickfunnels, etc.

Capture Star Ratings an Written Feedback

Along with video testimonials, capture star ratings, profile pictures, and written feedback to showcase for higher conversions

Commercial Rights Included – stop selling the same rehashed services. This is an exciting opportunity to sell a video service EVERYONE needs

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