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Convert alpha MOV’s to work in Camtasia 9

So…a HUGE pain in the butt with Camtasia 9 is that Techsmith removed support for QuickTime and effectively rendered all MOV files with alpha transparency useless. Since then, they have added back support for these but…only if they are encoded with the PNG alpha codec. The problem is: A TON of alpha MOV’s out there […]

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How To Use PowerPoint Shapes in Camtasia 9

We all know there are “shape” callouts in Camtasia that we can use in our projects but, let’s face it…they are pretty limited. Squares & rectangles, circles & ovals, triangle, arrows, a star shape and a stop sign looking deal and that’s about it! Well, did you know that there are dozens more you can […]

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Video Marketing Platform – Kartra Review

In this “First Look” Quick Review, I’ll look at a new all-in-one platform called Kartra. CHECK OUT ==> Kartra Business System  CHECK OUT ==> Kartra Business System If you have an online business (or want to!), you probably face the same big, ugly, wall of technology that I do: Hosting, WordPress, web pages, shopping […]

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FREE PowerPoint Video Template

My good buddy Nelson Long over at SuperGood Products is one of my favorite PowerPoint video innovators. His video templates are always amazing for a variety of reasons and he is releasing a new set called: CHECK OUT ==> Majestic Templates v2.0 The cool part is: Nelson has agreed to let me give one of […]

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Using Transitions in Camtasia as Animations

Camtasia has some really excellent features for doing animations in our video work. You can do quick & easy pre-configured motion with Behaviors or even very complex custom animations using animation key frames and make objects move almost any way you want. But both of those options involve some degree of monkeying around with parameters, […]

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How to Turn the Cursor Off & On in Camtasia 9

Have you ever found yourself waving your mouse around like a humming bird on crack during a recording? When working with screen capture recordings in Camtasia 9, sometimes it is very useful to be able to turn the captured cursor OFF. Handy…but at some point, you probably need to turn the cursor back ON to […]

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Top Video Animation Tools for 2017

2017 was an impressive year for all things video. As video creators using Camtasia and PowerPoint, one of the stand-out areas of innovation and value was that of video animation tools. Here are my Top Picks of the year based on functionality, versatility, ease of use, and bang for the buck. These are in no particular […]

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FREE Camtasia 9 “Torn Paper” Quote Asset

On a recent Screencast Video Coaching Webinar, I created a nifty little re-usable asset for your Camtasia 9 Library from scratch. Here’s the tutorial on how I did it and you can download the “Torn Paper Quote” LIBZIP file for your Camtasia 9 Library HERE: Torn Paper Quote Asset NOTE: Here’s the .PNG Torn Paper image […]

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