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How to Turn the Cursor Off & On in Camtasia 9

Have you ever found yourself waving your mouse around like a humming bird on crack during a recording? When working with screen capture recordings in Camtasia 9, sometimes it is very useful to be able to turn the captured cursor OFF. Handy…but at some point, you probably need to turn the cursor back ON to […]

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Top Video Animation Tools for 2017

2017 was an impressive year for all things video. As video creators using Camtasia and PowerPoint, one of the stand-out areas of innovation and value was that of video animation tools. Here are my Top Picks of the year based on functionality, versatility, ease of use, and bang for the buck. These are in no particular […]

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FREE Camtasia 9 “Torn Paper” Quote Asset

On a recent Screencast Video Coaching Webinar, I created a nifty little re-usable asset for your Camtasia 9 Library from scratch. Here’s the tutorial on how I did it and you can download the “Torn Paper Quote” LIBZIP file for your Camtasia 9 Library HERE: Torn Paper Quote Asset NOTE: Here’s the .PNG Torn Paper image […]

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Camtasia 9.1 Update

Techsmith has release a new version update: Version 9.1.0 has several new features and effects included in it along with the usual batch of bug fixes. This excerpt from the Screencast Coaching Webinars covers all the new features in some pretty good detail along with some tips & tricks for making the most of them: The […]

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AdReel Video Ad Templates Review

Creating videos to be used as video ads on platforms like Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, etc. are literally the fastest & most effective ways to drive new traffic & fresh leads to your business. Here is my review of a new video ad template system called AdReel: Get AdReel with my BONUSES HERE: THE PUNCHLINE […]

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How to Create a “Typing” Text Effect in Camtasia 9

A text effect that looks like someone “typing” (i.e. letters coming in one-by-one) is a handy and interesting effect! In Camtasia 9, you can create this nifty effect…IF you know how to work with Behaviors and make a couple quick & easy little tweaks to the default animation settings. In this tutorial, I’ll show you […]

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Cool Online Video Creation Tools

There are LOTS of excellent tools online that let us create cool video content that we can use in our Camtasia (or even PowerPoint) videos! In this Screencast Coaching Webinar excerpt, I’ll cover some of my favorites. I’ll touch on when and how to use them effectively and offer some top strategic thinking to get […]

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How To Use Motion Graphics Animations

Motion Graphics are short little animated video clips (or sometimes animated GIF files) that you can use in your Camtasia video projects to add some really professional “embellishments”. I’ve been using these for years and have amassed literally thousands of these handy gems in my Media Library directory…but when Techsmith came out with Camtasia 9, I […]

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