FREE Camtasia 9 “Torn Paper” Quote Asset

On a recent Screencast Video Coaching Webinar, I created a nifty little re-usable asset for your Camtasia 9 Library from scratch.

Here’s the tutorial on how I did it and you can download the “Torn Paper Quote” LIBZIP file for your Camtasia 9 Library HERE: Torn Paper Quote Asset

NOTE: Here’s the .PNG Torn Paper image if you want to create your own callout for Camtasia 8: Torn Quote PNG Image


Julie B., one of our Screencast Coaching students, saw a video and wanted to see if she could re-create it in Camtasia and/or PowerPoint. So, during the webinar, I spent almost 30 minutes with her going over all kinds of suggestions, ideas, and considerations.

And one of the techniques used in the sample video was a pretty sweet idea of “popping out” a kind of torn piece of paper from a web page image capture as a quote. A really simple way of highlighting a main talking point from an article!

So, we created our own from scratch in just a few minutes!

Here’s the sample video Julie wanted to…ummm…rip off so you can get some context:

==> MSNBC Sample Video

Thoughts, questions, comments?

Leave them below and enjoy!

  • Lon Naylor

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Sandy Reply

Any way to get the asset designed for Camtasia 8? Thanks.

    Lon Naylor Reply

    Hi Sandy. I put a link to the PNG image in the post. Just follow the tutorial and you can easily make your own Camtasia 8 version. Thanks.

Dean Reply

Just wanted to say… “thanks”
I will be using this on an upcoming video I’ll be creating.

Keep up the great work. You’re informative and creative!

Carolyn Smith Reply

Uh oh! The asset is for Camtasia 8.6… and I have 8.4 : (

Any way you can convert it to a lower version?

Carolyn Smith Reply

… or maybe just put up the .png?? : ) Thank you.

    Lon Naylor Reply

    Hi Carolyn, sure! I’ll upload the .PNG and put a link in the post. You can just follow the tutorial instructions from there and create your own Camtasia 8 version. Thanks.

Rev Bill McBride Reply

Thanks Lon. Always appreciate your creative genius on this Camtasia and PowerPoint stuff.

Julie Baird Reply

As the ‘Julie B.’ mentioned above, I just want to say THANK YOU! I didn’t expect such a detailed session on my ask.

I am always so impressed how you can answer a question on the fly and provide so much good information in such a short period of time. Great job, Lon. THANK YOU!

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