Top Video Animation Tools for 2017

2017 was an impressive year for all things video. As video creators using Camtasia and PowerPoint, one of the stand-out areas of innovation and value was that of video animation tools.

Here are my Top Picks of the year based on functionality, versatility, ease of use, and bang for the buck.

These are in no particular order of ranking…they are all 1st place winners in my book!

Motion Animation Pro

Check Out –> Motion Animation Pro with Freebie & Bonuses

This is an absolutely colossal bundle of animated motion elements you can use in both Camtasia & PowerPoint (as well as other video creation software you may have like Explaindio)!

Here’s my full review and tutorial:

This bundle gets big time extra points for providing MOV versions using the PNG Alpha Encoding so…they work in Camtasia 9!

  • 1,000+ Motion Graphics
  • 500+ Transitions
  • 20 PowerPoint Video Templates

It also includes some excellent motion video templates for PowerPoint, a whole bunch of nice bonuses and even a FREEBIE sample pack for you to use.

Top level value. Highly recommended!

Reevio 2.0

Check Out –> Reevio 2.0

We saw a lot of on-line video creation tools bursting onto the video scene in 2017.  Shakr, Waves,, etc…

While all these tools are very decent, they have some drawbacks with regard to pricing. They are wicked expensive! Reevio is a delightful exception offering unlimited renders, new templates added regularly (for no monthly fee), developer rights included, and a wide variety of very useful assets you can easily create.

Here’s my review of Reevio 2.0:

And here’s a demo reel of some of the kinds of animated content you can create with Reevio 2.0:

This cloud-based app is easy to use and easily creates truly stunning video content you can use stand-alone or as part of a Camtasia video project.

And frankly? This platform is even easier than PowerPoint for kicking out awesome animated videos. I LOVE this program!

Check Out –>

Here’s what I love about My buddy Peter Gillberg is a Camtasia master! Every month, he creates truly professional (not lame & cheezy!), very innovative, and highly useful Camtasia assets for your library.

Lower Thirds, Motion Graphics, Text Effects, Light Leaks & Lens Flares, cool 3D assets, Project Themes, video backgrounds, music, sound effects, and…oh ya…wicked cool callouts!

You get unlimited downloads of thousands of professionally designed files, all highly organized so you can find what you want, all royalty-free, and new content added monthly.

I like Peter’s work so much that we partnered with him to include some of his work in our Camtasia Mastery product.

Check out and sign up for free packages of excellent resources to try out! You’ll be glad you did.


To be honest, there were a lot of pretty garbage apps & resources in the video creation space in 2017. I spent a ton of time reviewing and actually testing as many as possible to bring you the good, the bad, and the ugly truth about their sales page hype & promises.

I hope this Top Recommended Guide helps you make better videos faster and easier in 2018!

I’ll see you then!

  • Lon Naylor




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