Using Transitions in Camtasia as Animations

Camtasia has some really excellent features for doing animations in our video work.

You can do quick & easy pre-configured motion with Behaviors or even very complex custom animations using animation key frames and make objects move almost any way you want.

But both of those options involve some degree of monkeying around with parameters, timing, and can be quite a bit of work to pull off.

DID YOU KNOW: That you can use the Transition effects to give the appearance of movement or “animation”?

In this tutorial, I’ll show you some top tips & tricks on how to do just that:

Most folks think of “transitions” as an effect that is only used between video clips to do something cool during that transition…

Try playing around with using Transition effects at the beginning & ends of all kinds of assets on the time line from Annotations, shapes, images, even text boxes!

They are the simplest form of making stuff visually interesting.



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James Reply

I find it really helpful to show the end result and then show how you got there. May even stop mid-how-you-got-there if necessary to show end result again. That way we know where this is going and why. It links the steps to the purpose.

    Lon Naylor Reply

    I absolutely agree in a formal tutorial. This video is an excerpt from an hour long webinar where some bits of context (especially things I explain at other times during the session) are difficult to edit in and still make sense in the abbreviated version. Thanks!

Carolyn Smith Reply

Love your demos! I’m still using Camtasia 8 but of course the concepts still apply. Agreed on the transitions (some cheesy): only a few I use: dissolve, glow, fade. Thanks Lon!

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