How to Do a Screen Pump Effect in Camtasia

One of the techniques we use as video creators is something called a “Pattern Interrupt”. This is simply anything that interrupts the pattern viewers fall into when watching a video. Their subconscious mind starts to think, “Ya…I got this. I know what’s going to happen here. Might as well drift off and think about or do something else…”.

This can be a sound effect they aren’t expecting or, in this case, a little visual “pump” to grab back their attention. I call it a Screen Pump.

Here’s what I mean and some tips on how to do it:

I like to use such a thing in conjunction with a little sound effect for extra emphasis.

Of course, like any special effect, don’t over do it or it ceases to be…well…special. 😉


  • Lon Naylor

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Alan Abelove Reply

Lon, Very very nice, great demonstration of Pattern Interupt. Beautiful in its simplicity, yet deep in its function and affect. Thanks for sharing!

Alan Abelove

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