How To Use PowerPoint Shapes in Camtasia 9

We all know there are “shape” callouts in Camtasia that we can use in our projects but, let’s face it…they are pretty limited. Squares & rectangles, circles & ovals, triangle, arrows, a star shape and a stop sign looking deal and that’s about it!

Well, did you know that there are dozens more you can create in PowerPoint and hundreds of thousands of shapes and images you can use and with these two sweet tricks make customizable in Camtasia 9 to be any color you want?

I use these techniques all the time to quickly & easily whip out interesting elements to use as lower thirds, callouts, overlays, filters, etc.

AND…if you don’t want to create all these cool things yourself, stay tuned for access to my personal libraries of awesome Camtasia 9 assets! 😉




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michael Reply

Hey Lon – have you thought about bundling a bunch of your effects and selling them?

Heck I would buy because like to said Camtasia assets are pretty lame at best.


    Lon Naylor Reply

    Yep. Finishing things up now. Should have the first bundle out before the end of the month. Thanks!

Rick Stone Reply

Actually with the triangle object, you CAN actually change the angle by manipulating the width and/or height.

    Lon Naylor Reply

    Ya, sort of. If it’s an equilateral or isosceles. You can’t do a scalene…or a right triangle. Good point though, thanks Rick.

John Walsh Reply

Another cracking piece of training Lon – thank you for sharing with those who struggle with all the myriad of options.

Regards John

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