3D Rotating Text in Camtasia

Here’s a fun trick I picked up a few years ago from my buddy Peter Gillberg at Callouts.com

The tutorial I did for it way back then (in Camtasia 8) is actually one of my more popular videos on YouTube with 45,000+ views so I thought I would update it for Camtasia 9 & higher:

How To Create a Rotating “3D” Text Effect

By duplicating a text callout a bunch of times and manipulating the Z position parameter, you can “extrude” to text into a 3D looking text object!

It’s a useful technique for Title clips, text logos, or anything you want to add a 3D touch to. In fact, I think it would work for PNG images like logos also but I still have to test that.

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  • Lon Naylor


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