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FREE PowerPoint Video Template

My good buddy Nelson Long over at SuperGood Products is one of my favorite PowerPoint video innovators. His video templates are always amazing for a variety of reasons and he is releasing a new set called: CHECK OUT ==> Majestic Templates v2.0 The cool part is: Nelson has agreed to let me give one of […]

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Free PowerPoint Effects Template

Over the last year, I’ve had really great results and responses from my live presentations at seminars around the country. One of my favorite’s has been one called: “How To Create Your Very Own Killer Video In 45 Minutes!” In that presentation, I use a PowerPoint 2010 template with nice design and some “pre-built” animation […]

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Evergreen Business System LITE

Hands down, one of my favorite marketing strategies is webinars! There’s something about an “event” that happens at a predetermined time that draws all of us in with anticipation…like waiting for the next episode of American Idol to kick off at it’s scheduled time. My top video marketing strategy is to RECORD all my webinars […]

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Video Match Made in Heaven

There are a lot of great tools within Camtasia and you don’t really have to have other software. However, using PowerPoint together with Camtasia can be a match made in heaven. Powerpoint has a lot of great features that will help your videos stand out, such as animation, transitions, themes and design tools. This program […]

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Can Camtasia Skills Really Double your Salary?

It’s so much fun when you hear about someone who goes through one of your training courses and within a short time they land a fabulous job making double their salary. This is what Kevin Adkisson did recently after going through the course. After he sent us this thoughtful note I knew I wanted […]

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The Easiest Way to Create a Storyboard for your Video

Many people who are new to eLearning want to know how to create a storyboard. Should they use a professional tool? Should they create a template from scratch? What should they put into the template? Generally, a storyboard for eLearning is a document that specifies the visual elements, text elements, audio elements, interactions and branching […]

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