Evergreen Business System LITE

Hands down, one of my favorite marketing strategies is webinars!

There’s something about an “event” that happens at a predetermined time that draws all of us in with anticipation…like waiting for the next episode of American Idol to kick off at it’s scheduled time.

My top video marketing strategy is to RECORD all my webinars and create marketing ASSETS out of them. In fact, we always sell more products from a sales webinar after the event with the replay and follow-up emails…it becomes a marketing funnel!

Even better? AUTOMATE that entire funnel to deliver to new members of a list:

Check out ==> Evergreen Business System LITE

Here are real samples of evergreen webinars that are getting us new members, list sign-ups, and making us money each and every week:

And another:

The “LITE” version only let’s you run one webinar at a time and you have to host it on their server (which is free) but hey…it costs 80% LESS than the full version!

Deal of The Week ==> Evergreen Business System LITE

A great tool and and an affordable way to add this strategy to your business.

Let me know what you think!

Lon Naylor

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Gail Reply

This looks like one of the best online marketing tools that I have seen and I will for sure check it out.

Thanks for the heads up

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