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How To Be Sure Your Screencast Training Sticks

Now that the new year is approaching there’s a good chance that you’ll have some New Year’s resolutions that include developing your first training video or even taking some training yourself. A problem I see with New Year’s Resolutions that include purchasing a bunch of training courses is that so often the students receive so little […]

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PowerPoint Effects That Bring Text To Life

PowerPoint is one of our favorite video content and graphics creation tools! Here are two really sweet little known effects that are super easy you can use to (literally) help bring simple text to life – at least visually: This trick uses the PowerPoint “Subtract” Merge feature to insert a picture inside of text. Did […]

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Free PowerPoint Add-in – Storyboard

PowerPoint Storyboard is an add-in created for software developers to be able to use the graphics capabilities of PowerPoint to “mock up” what an app should look & feel like. It’s actually part of the Visual Studio development environment and helps teams of programmers all be on the same page as to what they are […]

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Rock your Video Intros

How do you hook your learner? How do you get them to sit up and pay attention. How do you compete with so many other distractions like email, Google, iPhones and Ipads? In this excerpt from last week’s Screencast Video Coaching session, Michelle outlines four ideas for getting your viewer’s attention at the beginning of […]

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PowerPoint Animations WITHOUT Animating?

PowerPoint is a great tool for creating visual content we can kick out as video. It’s excellent at combining text & graphics with animations to engage the viewer and keep them interested in watching. But many folks try to animate multiple images and text bullets on a single slide which is just…overly complicated! You can […]

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Levidio PowerPoint Templates

Today let’s get into a super sweet PowerPoint video project using one of the Levidio PowerPoint Templates. This is the first in a series of a bunch of PowerPoint video tutorials, templates, tips, and tricks I am working on! Think of it as a specific “toolkit” you can learn from and use in your PowerPoint […]

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Creating Custom Shapes in PowerPoint

So, I was bored the other day… Scrolling through Facebook and saw a pretty funny political “meme” graphic. I wanted to test a couple of things: 1. Make a video version of a somewhat “controversial” image and see if it would get any Share / Views action on Facebook (it did). 2. See if I […]

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