Rock your Video Intros

How do you hook your learner? How do you get them to sit up and pay attention. How do you compete with so many other distractions like email, Google, iPhones and Ipads?

In this excerpt from last week’s Screencast Video Coaching session, Michelle outlines four ideas for getting your viewer’s attention at the beginning of your video.


A short animation is great to wake people up and let them know your course will be interesting.


A Scenario which introduces a real world problem that your student might face can show the learner the importance of the topic..


An Interesting statistic, a question or fact about the topic is always good to get your viewer curious about the content to follow.


Showing the final output, the “after” or what the student will be able to do after watching the video is very motivating.

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Richard Reply

Appreciated this Michelle.
My problem is that my personality type actually prefers getting right to the list of what we are covering in the video (forget the animated intro), so I depend on videos like yours to teach me what the “average” viewer is attracted to.

Craig Hadden (@RemotePoss) Reply

Thanks Michelle, these are great!

Setting the tone at the start is vital. As an instructional designer, I cringed at your example of how not to start (with “the history of…”), but sadly that kind of approach is all too common!

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