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levideo-3-coverToday let’s get into a super sweet PowerPoint video project using one of the Levidio PowerPoint Templates. This is the first in a series of a bunch of PowerPoint video tutorials, templates, tips, and tricks I am working on! Think of it as a specific “toolkit” you can learn from and use in your PowerPoint & Camtasia video projects.

PART 1: Grab your free template

Download the Levidio “Photography” Slideshow template for FREE HERE (no opt-in required…just grab it!). P.S. – I used a technique to embed the required fonts right into the template so you shouldn’t need to install any fonts…

PART 2: Some tips & training

Watch this video tutorial for tips and tactics for using the Levidio Photography Template. You can use this to make any kind of fun, engaging slideshow video!

PART 3: Here’s what the finished video looks like

Watch this video to see my finished sample using the template in action. This was super easy and fun:

PART 4: Leverage PPT in Camtasia too

Think PowerPoint templates are JUST for making PowerPoint-only videos? Think again! Watch this tutorial on how I leverage PowerPoint templates in Camtasia Studio:

PART 5: Grab this free Camtasia Library Asset

Download this Camtasia Library ZIP File to use the cool “Camera Mask” Effect I did the demo of in Part 4 in your projects. To import this into your Camtasia Library just open Camtasia…go to File…Library…Import Zipped Library. Navigate to where you downloaded the file and you’re set.

PART 6: This is just the tip of the iceberg! 😉

Want more templates? Get a special limited time price on a pack of dozens of Levidio Video Templates:

Use my link HERE ==> Get LEVIDIO

And you will also get all the bonuses listed on this page: ==> Lon’s Levidio Bonuses

PLUS – HUGE EXTRA BONUS: Like my PPTVideo Facebook Page and I’ll be posting links to TWO live webinars (plus replay recordings) called: “How To REALLY Use The Levidio Video Templates”

That’s it for this week! If you have any questions or thoughts, leave a comment!

Lon Naylor



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