What Does Focus Have to Do with Video Production?

You might think I’m referring to the kind of focus that you find on a camera but I’m not. I’m talking about the ability to focus on a project or a task long enough to finish it. And it’s really, really, hard for a lot of people.  Especially when you work for yourself.

Video projects can be especially tough because they can take so darn long to complete. I’m actually quite awesome (and so humble) at creating a Project Plan for myself and my clients but sometimes even I will ignore my own deadlines.

Often when I’m working on a video and there is no external deadline (i.e. one set by a client)  I’ll look for any excuse to get distracted and start working on something in the house. I may notice some shelves that just have to be rearranged right this instant. Lately, I’ve been find it really tough to stay focused on some long term projects and was thinking of hiring my own coach. Just someone who would be really mean to me and call me a lazy butt and other hurtful names, if I didn’t finish what I had committed to.

It was a little ironic that just last week I got an email from Kelly MCausey, whom I have met several times at the NAMS conference where we have both been speaking. She was giving away a course, that she had previously charged for, called The Power of a Focused business.  I decided to skip the first 5 Modules (I’m already such a smarty pants I felt like I didn’t need to watch them) and watch the last video because it was titled “The Secrets of Focus”.


It was just what I needed. She really helped me to get in the right state of mind to focus on editing a few videos that I’d been procrastinating on. She hit the nail on the head when she suggestion that some ambient sound in the background (instead of dead silence) would help. 

I started with Coffitivity.com which helps me fill me silent workspace with the sounds of a busy coffee shop. Then I tried out the egg timer at http://e.ggtimer.com/ and I set it to get 15 minutes of Uninterrupted work done.  Which actually led to me working longer and finishing the first video.

Kelly also got me thinking about not putting absolutely everything on my Google Calendar. And instead choosing 4 or 5 things that I absolutely knew I could complete that day. Kelly challenges herself to stay up as long as she needs to in order to check everything off the daily list. If you can make it more of a challenge or a game for yourself you are more likely to strive for completion.

Here is the link to the 100% free course again The Power of a Focused Business

Although you do need to optin to get it for free, Kelly only sends out great content each week anyhow so you’ll love being on her mailing  list.

I hope you enjoy her ideas and suggestions as much as I have and will find yourself getting your videos completed and marketed with with your new improved focus.

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Kelly McCausey Reply

I so appreciate you sharing my course here Michelle!

LOL! I would never call you a ‘lazy butt’ but I would certainly call you to account 😉

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