How To Profit With Webinar Video Recordings

In the grand scheme of online video marketing, few things are as down-right useful as a business-building tool as the “webinar”.

Here are it is no exaggeration to say that this business system is responsible for at least 90% of our current revenues. Kinda a big deal, right?

But there is a learning and technology curve that needs to be addressed to profit from webinars successfully.

Want to jump over that hurdle, save some time, money, frustration and maximize your efforts and start profiting from the same tactics we use everyday?

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This is probably the best value – bang-for-the-buck – training course I’ve seen all year. And for a limited time, the bucks it will cost you for a really big bang is only $47. No brainer.

Here are some notes and thoughts I have after going through the course:

First, while making money is great ‘n’ all, don’t get caught up in the hype of things like. “Make $10,000 from a single webinar!” Really?

Yes. It can be done. We’ve done it! But only as a result of experience and from using webinars not just as a “pitch platform”…but as a credibility, trust, and rapport building method.

Here are 5 “outside-the-box” additional tactics to Profit From Webinars


A webinar is a great way to get exposure in your market in a way that let’s you connect with your prospects and customers as an expert in helping them with their problems…want to sell MORE of your products and services?

“Selling” is HARD! People don’t like to be “sold to”…but they DO want someone to help them buy! They want solutions to their problems and they will buy from a trusted peer whenever they can find one. Be THAT person.

Conduct “pure content” webinars. At the end, you most certainly give a Call To Action but present awesomely USEFUL content that helps your audience and makes you the go-to guy or gal and…you won’t have to “sell”. People will just buy.

2. Awesome Video Product Creation

Hmmm…let’s see. Take a look at the LearnCamtasia product offerings. ALL of them are based on recorded webinar presentations! The Learn Camtasia Course itself, PowerPoint For Video, Camtasia Cash Secrets…yep. All recorded and edited webinar recordings.

What kind of valuable information products can you create with presentations and demonstrations of your expertise recorded from initially live events?

Here’s a sample from our PowerPoint For Video Course (four 1 hour webinar sessions that were recorded):

This is actually our most popular product. Why? Because it is low-cost and value packed!

3. You HAVE to Do It!

Here’s the thing. I could (and have) absolutely create video information products by planning the content, writing scripts, recording them using Camtasia, editing them, etc…

Using this “model”, my first product called Screencast Profits took…wait for it…almost 2 years for me to get done!

The “event” nature of a webinar means that on THIS date and time, we are going LIVE. The content WILL be captured and recorded at 8PM on xx/xx/xxxx date. And guess what? We were prepared…we showed up…we recorded…and the products got DONE.

It is literally a beautiful thing…productivity wise.

4. Coaching and Mentoring

Of all our products, I enjoy the Screencast Monthly Coaching the best. This program is a weekly webinar where Michelle and I answer questions about Camtasia, PowerPoint, and video marketing (our areas of expertise). We get to help people and…they pay us!

Here’s a short sample:

This is a great membership model and can be an excellent source of recurring revenue. Think of how you can use this method in your business.

5. Re-purpose On Purpose

Speaking of our Monthly Coaching Webinars…we have been doing them since 2008 and recording them ALL. Gee…

Do you think we have a library of valuable assets with that??

Our members enjoy access to all the tips & tricks, discussions, cool resources we find, live tutorials and answers to their questions in the Archive (over 120 as of today) but we ALSO:

Take “clips” of useful tips and produce them out to use for relationship-building free content. We “re-purpose” parts of these webinars to establish credibility, provide value, drive traffic (from YouTube, Facebook, etc.), build our lists…lots of business building juice.

Here’s a sample taken from one of our Coaching Webinars:

In fact, go ahead and take a look at our YouTube Channel: Learn Camtasia YouTube – notice anything? Ya…lots of these kinds of webinar “clips”!

Some extra bonus tips:

We also use webinars to:

* Partner with our affiliates and Joint Venture (JV) partners

* Conduct training sessions for our Affiliates, Virtual Assistants, and Support Staff. We record them so we don’t have to do this training over and over again!

* Create “evergreen” sales webinar events for our marketing funnel

If you are not doing online events and recording them…you are missing out on a truly remarkable business strategy.

I hope you found this information useful (and good food for thought!) and, again, if you want a killer training course on how to get up to speed quickly:

Check out: Webinar Alchemy

I’d love to hear your thought and comments!


Lon Naylor



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