Camtasia Studio 8 is coming soon!

Heads up!

Techsmith has finally announced that Camtasia Studio version 8 is coming soon.

I’ve been using the Technical Preview beta version for awhile and it looks awesome!

I can’t talk about any of the details because of my Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) with Techsmith but I can say:

If you’ve known me for any length of time you probably also know that I haven’t been shy in stating certain “feelings” about some aspects of the Camtasia Studio 7 program. The developers have listened to power user feedback and have gone a LONG way to turn my frown upsidedown!

In short? I’m a very happy screencast guy!

You can check out a really weird little video from Techsmith here and sign up for an exclusive upgrade or new purchase discount (not sure what that will be):

No date available yet but I’ll keep you posted…

New Reviews and Tutorials

Of course, I’ve been working on a new video review and planning how to update our training courses and I’ll get those out as soon as Techsmith authorizes me to pull the trigger!

Stay tuned. I’m really jazzed and I think you will be too!

Lon Naylor

PS-If you’d like to get your Camtasia 8 upgrade or full version from Michelle’s reseller link you will get some cool bonuses. She’ll have it posted as soon as it is released to the public.


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Dave Strayer Reply

Great news! I’m looking forward to your review and to test piloting v8!

Ron Hogue Reply

Lon- I’m SUPER excited about this. I’ve been quite happy with v7 but have been checking back with TechSmith on when 8 would be on its way. Thanks for the heads up and the link. I signed up for the email notification to hopefully get an upgrade discount. Whatever it is, I’ll be taking advantage of it! -Ron

Brian T. Edmondson Reply


I’m still a Camtasia 6 user, never upgraded to 7.

Looking forward to seeing what’s new in 8 and if it will finally push me over the upgrade edge.


Reesa McKenzie Reply

Cool! I really hope it has the green screen effect that I hear is available in the mac version. That was an odd little video….us Mid-Michigan folks are a little weird! (Their HQ is about 15 minutes from me in Okemos, MI).

Emily Reply

Hi Guys! I am also excited about the new Camtasia Studio 8… I hope this new version solves the short memory problems that 7 has, even with the “memory patch”. If the new version can natively utilize as much as it needs of the available onboard 8 GB RAM in our 64 bit Windows 7 machines that will be great, but if it also has a “RAM flusher” feature, that would be even better. I mean, who’s going to ever need to do 250 undos?

Todd Hudson Reply

I just bought version 7 in the last 30 days or so…. wonder if there are going to be any special concession for anyone the just bout v7?

    Lon Naylor Reply

    Hi Todd,
    Techsmith has historically offered a free upgrade for new purchasers. We’ll have to see if you fall in the window when the ship date is announced.

Kari Reply

I did upgrade to 7 when it came out, but have been unhappy with it several times.Ran into things that Camtasia couldn’t do and had to have other video editing software to do. So I am excited to see what has been improved in V8.

Gavin Brockis Reply

exciting times indeed Lon! having been training users in UK education to screencast with Camtasia Studio 7 since it came out, running a multiple license on a suite of HEI managed Windows PCs, as well as a mobile laptop suite, I am very familiar with the areas where Camtasia could be more operationally robust, as well as the UI, usability and feature differences (good and bad) when compared to Camtasia on the Mac.

I’m really hoping that as well as addressing ‘under the hood’ CPU and RAM usage, Techsmith have used the opportunity of a ground-up rebuild to move towards the lovely multitrack editing interface of the Mac version, while retaining the (IMO) excellent annotation/subtitling/callout/etc features of Studio 7… I am rather jealous of your preferred status as a beta tester 😉

Natalie Scott Reply

Hi Lon and fellow Camtasia fans!

Thanks so much for sharing! We’re really excited to release Camtasia Studio 8. We’re pretty sure it’s going to knock a lot of people’s socks off.

Todd, you are absolutely eligible for a free upgrade if you purchased within 30 days of release. If the dates are close, don’t hesitate to let me or someone at TechSmith know. We are, as Ressa said, a little weird here in Mid-Michigan, and that includes being really devoted to customer service. : )

Thanks again for sharing in the enthusiasm for CS8!

Global PR Manager
TechSmith Corporation
n.scott AT

    Lon Naylor Reply

    Thanks Natalie! We appreciate you stopping by and we’re looking forward to getting to know more of our friends at Techsmith and working even more closely together. 😉

Brian M. Reply

Will be upgrading in the next few days, how ever I think I’m going to take Techsmith up in their offer over using “Michelle’s reseller link”. No Offence to that reseller but I tend to learn better by doing instead of watching training videos and Techsmiths email offer is less money.

Reba S. Meadows Reply

Speaking of which, I hate to admit it, but I am really disappointed in Premiere Pro CS4. More and more I’ve found it to be slow, slow, slower, and slowest. And, for what? Not much that I need, anyway. Almost all the videos we are now producing are coming out of Camtasia. I thought version 6 was a great product for screen captures, and version 7 is even better. What is surprising is that it is also superb for doing basic video editing — fade ins/outs, overlays, callout, text, and even picture-in-picture edits. Sure, it lacks the sophisticated color correction, multi-camera support, AfterEffects integration, and special effects of Premiere Pro, but I hardly ever used those techniques anyway.

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