How to “Nichefy” Your Video Content

If you do a search for “Time Management Training” you’re going to find A LOT of content and much of it is going to be video. But what if you feel you have some great techniques to share and want to create your own video on that topic.  Is it smart to go up against all the competition?

Well, maybe. If you know how to “nichefy”.

What is Nichefying?

“Nichefying” is” one of the most powerful and profitable ways you can change your content.

Nichefying content means that you tweak it to appeal to a particular niche. For example, a general time management video course appeals to a broad market. But you can capture a larger market share by tweaking the content to appeal to a specific niche. So, your general time management video training could become:

  • Time management for college students.
  • Time management for business owners.
  • Time management for new mothers.
  • Time management for working parents.
  • Time management for hospital administrators.
  • Time management for CEOs.
  • Time management for elementary education teachers.
  • Time management for people with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD)

And so on.

As you might expect, there are a nearly endless number of ways you can tweak a course so that it
appeals to different niches.

In just this example alone, you could take one video course (Time Management) and create eight new products.

Two Ways to “Nichefy” a Video.

There are two ways you can Nichefy your video. You can use one or both:

1. Tweak it to appeal to a particular type of problem. For example, a video on how to get rid of
back pain could be focused just on “lower” back pain. Or it could be focused on those pains
originating from stress. You could tweak it to have it focus on those suffering from injury related

2. Tweak it to appeal to a particular group of people. You can also aim your back pain video at a
particular group of people, such as sedentary office workers, construction workers, or
perhaps senior citizens.

Do you see how that works?

You can even create nichefied products by combining the two suggestions above.

A Couple of Examples

Here’s an example. A back pain book gets nichefied to become a book about getting rid of pains in the lower back. Then it’s further nichefied to appeal to one particular target market, such as
students. For example, “The College Student’s Guide to Getting Rid of Lower Back Pain.” Or, “The CEO’s Guide to Getting Rid of Lower Back Pain.”

In my own business I’ve nichefied several products.  A few years back, for example, I (Michelle) created a video course called “Camtasia Training for Artists and Crafters” to appeal to the large community of artists who were creating online workshops of their creative techniques. The flow of the training didn’t differ significantly from the Camtasia training Lon and I sell here at Learn Camtasia, I just made sure that all my examples pertained to the unique needs of “makers” and artisans so they could see how to use the techniques I shared in their own situations.

Again, the combinations are endless. And tweaking the product generally doesn’t take very long.
If you’d rather not do it yourself, then hire a Virtual Assistant to do it. Be sure to also change your marketing materials (such as your sales letter) to appeal to your new niche.

Can you see how this could open up a brand new market for you? If you’ve done this or have seen it done successfully please share your experiences in the comments.

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