Joint Ventures from Live Events

Wanna see fast results when it comes to building your business? You have to do “things” online like list building, driving traffic, creating content & products…all that.

You can do all that by yourself…OR…you can leverage Joint Venture (JV) partners and make it happen in a hurry. That’s what I do!

The best JV relationships I have all started as a result of meeting people in person. Here are some examples:

Jeff Mills Boost Seminar (Spring 2010): I met marketer & writer extraordinaire Jason Fladlien. I live about 30 minutes from the venue so I drove in for each day of the event. This particular morning, Jason was giving his presentation (that I said I would be there for) but I got held up and had to watch from home of Jeff’s excellent Live Seminar Video feed.

And when Jason gave me a shout-out from the stage and found out I wasn’t there…check out what he says! OMG.

I also re-connected with some old friends like Susan Schmidt and Larry Loik (who was also presenting). He gives me a nice mention from the stage as well:

The point being: Meeting brilliant, well-connected, extremely successful folks and becoming friends and JV partners rocks!

Having them call you out from a room full of other marketers (and a world-wide video broadcast audience)?


I’ll be attending Jeff Mills last Boost Seminar on Oct 22-24, 2010 in Minneapolis, MN

Ticket prices are $97 for the entire 3 days, and the price DOUBLES on Friday, October 1. So you’ll want to take action today and claim your ticket by clicking HERE.

Some of the amazing speakers coming:

  • Rick Raddatz (an ex-Microsoft guy like me! Can’t wait to meet him!)
  • Mike Hill (met him when I spoke at Ken McCarthy’s System Seminar in 2008)
  • Vince Tan
  • Daven Michaels
  • Paul Lemberg of StomperNet fame
  • and others!

Hey…if you can make it, track me down and I’ll buy you dinner!


See you there?


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