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After the 2010 Google Super Bowl ad I was inspired to try my hand at making one of these very cool screencast videos. In case you missed the blog post about it, here is the Google ad that aired and my first attempt to do one:

Google Search Video Post

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Lot’s of folks want to know how I did that so I made a tutorial covering the details. Here ya go:

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I talk about a couple of main concepts used in this video that are applicable in a wide variety of screencast work:

1. Recording in “Scenes” – Have you ever gotten frustrated with trying to record a video because you messed up at some point or gotten out of sync? Maybe you’re just trying to do too many things at once!

2. Recording for Clarity – A couple of useful tips for getting crystal clear captures.

3. “Speed Typing” Effect – 3 ways you can get the nice fast typing effect.

4. The Power of Music – Music = Emotion and can change the entire “feel” of your video and the emotion of your message.

Cool Search Tips

Doing standard searches can be effective when telling your story but don’t forget to think “outside the box”. Here are some links to interesting things you can use that you might not know about:

Music Links

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