Creating Lower Thirds for Camtasia

In this Screencast QuickTip, I address a member request for improving the look of a graphic he uses in his video called a "Lower Third".

Check out Todd’s "Crappy Sample" here:

Crappy Sample!

Pretty serious lookin’ dude, eh? Ya… serious about making better videos!


Here’s my tip and tutorial to help Todd out:

CLICK to Watch

Duration: 12 minutes

A little bit of an advanced technique but if you’re handy with software and have some creativity, you can do some really sweet stuff!

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Tanya Watson Reply

Hi Lon,

I love that you show us how to use GIMP in the bonus video about the Lower Third. I’ve spent many hours trying to learn how to work in Gimp as I do not have any PS experience to build from.

You made it look easy! And now I can’t wait to add a lower third to my next video.

Lon Naylor Reply

Awesome Tanya! Let us know what you come up with!

Lee Williams Reply

Very helpful! Thank you for the Gimp demo.

Peggy Duncan Reply

Lon, Great video! I have a lower third in video format. Does Camtasia only do a graphic overlay? Thanks in advance.

Michael Hawker Reply

Hi Lon,

Great! I downloaded GIMP a long time ago, used it once then forgot I had it until now. The demo has given me ideas as to how and where I can use it in our company web site. Thanks.


This is the advice I have been looking for, Thank You!!

Shahpour Reply

Awesome man! Thank you

Malc Simmonds Reply

Hi – this is a nicely produced video with good information in it.

It makes me wonder what other good stuff you have in your paid membership and if I shouldn’t get hold of some of that 😉

Best, Malc

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