PowerPoint For Video – Part 1

Covered in this session: Choosing colors, creating a theme, image & shape tricks, getting and using fonts, and saving as a template.

Questions from students include: Headset vs. studio mics, getting the best webinar audio quality, and when to use PowerPoint for transitions & effects vs. Camtasia.

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Duration:  61 minutes

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PowerPoint for Video – Part 2

Covered in this session: Animations 101, How to Copy Animations, a VERY COOL trick to make Intro Clips for our library, Fun with using Colors, Shapes, Removing Backgrounds to create quick custom images, Making Navigation Buttons and how to use them in Camtasia.

Questions from students include: How to “loop” a video, Making a Movie Credits effect, Recording Animations, How to Upload your video work for feedback from us, Survey question, How to “Un-highlight” a selection in the timeline.

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Duration:  62 minutes

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PowerPoint For Video – Part 3

Covered in this session: Top Design Tips like – Leading The Eye, Blurring Backgrounds, BIG dramatic effect, Boring Images? and Lon demonstrates Using Video Effects in PowerPoint, how to use PPT for storyboarding.

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Duration:  54 minutes

PowerPoint For Video – Part 4

Covered in this session: Template Tips, Creating Camtasia “Lower Third” graphics in PowerPoint, Transitions vs. Animations, Grab screen images with PowerPoint, Using the Microsoft ClipArt Organizer.

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Duration:  45 minutes

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PowerPoint 2013 for Video Creators

Covered in this session: We get asked a LOT if folks need to upgrade to PowerPoint 2013 to make better videos. In this webinar, Lon covers his Top 10 new features of PowerPoint 2013 to help you decide if it is right for you:

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Duration:  45 minutes


OK. This needs to be said. We see a LOT of folks trying to make PowerPoint videos with WAY too many things going on in their slides: Whizzing, twirling, spinning animations, cluttering bullets and too much text, pointless animated GIF images, 10 different fonts… PLEASE don’t do that!

Getting Started With Business Videos

There are some basic strategies for using video for business. A lot of folks get off on a tangent and it ends up being less effective than it could be. Here are some considerations to take into account:

Creating a Summary Slide for Training Courses

When you design a training course in PowerPoint you need to consider how you will end the course once it’s complete.  There’s nothing more awkward than coming to the last slide and not know what to do or whether it’s completely over. To prevent that you need to create a “closing slide”. Here’s how to do that:

Adding Custom “Sketches” To Your Videos

If you want some truly custom hand dawn images for your PowerPoint video there are several ways to go about it.  In this tutorial you will learn 4 options to easily get that fun, relaxed style using a PowerPoint tool, a phone app or a plugin tablet.

Resources for this presentation:

How To Make A “Credit Roll” Animation in PowerPoint

Here’s a quick little tutorial on how to make a “credit roll” animation like you might see at the end of a feature film in PowerPoint.

PowerPoint Control Key Duplicate Trick

Copy/Paste is okay for duplicating elements in PowerPoint. You can speed things up a bit using the hotkeys CTRL C for Copy and CTRL V for paste (or using CTRL D to Duplicate) BUT… then ya still gotta MOVE the element where you want it on your slide! This trick is often quicker and easier.

Two Mistakes When Using PowerPoint Video Templates

A short excerpt from a one hour webinar Lon did covering some of the challenges (and work-arounds) when using PowerPoint video templates.

PowerPoint Video Template Tips

Some tips and gotchas when using PowerPoint “video” templates.

How to Animate in PowerPoint WITHOUT Using Animations

Here’s a little trick Lon uses a LOT to make good looking animations for multiple bullets and images… without actually creating any complex animations.

PowerPoint Video Review – Gordon

Here’s a video review for Gordon Isman where Lon makes some key design and production points on a PowerPoint video project he is doing for a client.