May 2016

Bi-Weekly Video Update – 05/01/16

Hi there! Lon Naylor here with your screencast video news.

From the PPT Video Blog:

How To Create a "Parallax" Transition Effect
Are you a fan of using PowerPoint to create awesome video content? Ya…me too! So much in fact, that I've created a site dedicated to all things PPT video called (cleverly enough) –

In this tutorial, I show how to whip up a sweet transition effect for your slide videos that is very subtle but wonderfully fresh and visually appealing:

I not only show you how to make your own from scratch so you understand but I also have a sample template for you to play with.

Watch & Learn on my NEW Blog…

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A Simple Video Player AND Video Management System?

If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a hundred times:

"If you wanna WATCH a video… ya gotta have a video PLAYER!"

We use 4 video players to get our videos on our websites (PressPlay, EVS, Simple Video Pro and vooPlayer) and each of those cost us several hundred dollars a piece…

How about a very easy to use video player that lets you create a database of ALL your videos (YouTube, Amazon S3, Vimeo, etc.) to then just point-n-click pop them into your website or blog… for under 30 bones?

Check out ==> Simple Video Management System

I’ve installed it on LearnCamtasia and several other sites and have been testing it for a couple of weeks. I like it!

The thing is that it is an incredible deal during the introductory launch special but that ends Monday, May 2nd so be sure to snag it before it jumps way up in price.

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Elearning Training Webinar

Lastly, a quick reminder that Michelle Schoen is going to be sharing her vast knowledge & experience on a topic that everyone can benefit from on a webinar:

"The Fastest Growing Internet Opportunity for 2016 – Online Video Training"

REGISTER HERE ==> Elearning Online Video Training

Thursday, May 5th, 1 PM Eastern

We’ll cover what Elearning is and why it’s such a big deal, the proper steps to create great training courses and where to find customers to buy them, what tools you need and answer questions.

See you there! There will be a replay if you can’t attend, so register either way.

That’s it for this week – see you in two weeks!

Lon Naylor and Michelle Schoen
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Bi-Weekly Video Update – 05/14/16

Hi, it’s Michelle Schoen from with some screencast video news, tips and techniques…

From the Blog:

Why Build Training Videos with Camtasia Studio?

This week I traveled to New Jersey to deliver an Instructor Led live Camtasia Studio training session for a small group at a healthcare company. This small groups would be in charge of all the marketing videos, software tutorials and training courses for their organization.

As I drove back to the airport in my funky Alien Green Kia Soul rental car (not sure what it takes to have the confidence to actually buy a car this color), I started thinking about why people are so hyped up when they finish training and feel a sense that they can really master this software. They are very excited (and slightly overwhelmed) about the possibilities.


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One of Our Very Favorite Tools

This week we hosted a webinar with our very good friend Bob (The Teacher) Jenkins called: "“Your Most Effective Marketing Campaign: How To Automatically Generate More Leads and Sales”.

In case you missed it (or just want to watch again), here is the Replay:

Since I was on a plane heading to deliver some Camtasia training and couldn’t attend – I was forced to leave Bob & Lon to their own devices. This may seem like a pretty sketchy proposition but… the boys REALLY delivered (even without adult supervision)!

My favorite nugget is a little "formula" you can follow for headlines OR creating your video Hook:

The Top Five [Tools/Apps/Books/Websites] to [Result] (Without [Negative Assumption])

Want to know what that means and how to use it for yourself?

Check out the Replay:

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10 Ways To Make Videos Without Showing Your Face

If you like the screencasting style of video you get with Camtasia and PowerPoint, I think you’ll enjoy this video from our friend Nick Nimmin. Nick often answers questions via our "CamtasiaCoaches" Facebook site.

That’s it for this week – see you in two weeks!

Lon Naylor and Michelle Schoen
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