June 2014

Weekly Video Update – 06/20/14

Hi there, it’s Michelle this week.

You may have noticed that Lon and I took the last two weeks off from posting.  Sometimes it’s just hard to be creative and disciplined when it’s so darn pretty outside… and my kids want rides everywhere… and this… and that… and those are all the excuses I can come up with. Hope to make it up to you this week with lots of inspiration for your videos.

From the Learn Camtasia Blog:

There was so much I liked about this Screencast Video Coaching member’s video “Go Beyond your Limitations” that I asked Doug to share his techniques. I remember seeing the product he is reviewing on Shark Tank this year and when I saw his video I was sure it was a professional video done by the manufacturers.

First, take a look at it below. Then, read about some of the different techniques Doug uses that make his video look so professional. Lastly, learn a bit more about what makes this guy so amazing.

Read More

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How To Stop Feeling Overwhelmed

You’d think that when you own your own business you’d have total control of your time and wouldn’t have that same overwhelmed feeling as when a manager decides what is on your agenda. But most of the time I have this ridiculously long ‘To Do’ list and I fill my calender with more than I can possibly accomplish.

So, I basically cause my own stress and I know it.

I don’t mind having all these tasks but I’ve been looking for a way to just feel less uptight about it when I look at my schedule each day.

I finally found this really great article that helped a lot. It’s super practical and to the point and really challenged the way I thought about my capabilities. I love sharing these little gems with you so I hope you will “get it” like I did.

How to Stop Feeling Overwhelmed by Stephen Guise

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On YouTube:

Lon is famous (or perhaps notorious) for preaching the benefits of a great message in your videos. In this YouTube presentation, he gives some video marketing tips, reviews an excellent resource, an awesome bonus and even kinda goes off on a little rant!

==> http://youtu.be/Z3qwIrKMyE8

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* Heads-up:

Elite Video Evolution special launch price jumps WAY up in a couple of days.

Don’t miss out:

==> http://www.screencastprofits.com/tools/eve

Have a great weekend!

Lon Naylor and Michelle Schoen
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P.S. – Here’s an interesting tool to “syndicate” your videos to LOTS of sites for more traffic:

Video Marketer Software
==> http://www.screencastprofits.com/tools/videomarketer/basic

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Weekly Video Update – 06/27/14

Hi there, it’s Lon Naylor with this week’s highlights of tips & resources for making great screencast and PowerPoint videos.

Video Training Resource: Instant Video Templates + Video Script Genius

I’d be completely remiss if I didn’t let you know about these templates and the sweet bonus I worked out with Peter Beattie of VideoRevolver.

Check it here ==> Instant Video Templates + Free Video Script Genius

Yep. It’s a two-fer. You’ll get Video Script Genius as a bonus inside your JVZoo account when you use this link:

==> http://www.screencastprofits.com/tools/ivt2

This is only good until Tuesday, July 1st.

*** TIP: You can also use all the graphics, music and sound effects in these templates in Camtasia too!

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From The LearnCamtasia Blog:

“Using Transitions as Animations in PowerPoint”

Sometimes folks make animations WAY harder than they have to be. Here’s a great little tactic to get a great effect with ZERO animation work:

Once you know how to do this, it may very well let you make cool PowerPoint slide videos faster & easier.

==> Read More

That’s it for this week. Michelle and I will both be presenting at NAMS in Atlanta in August… stay tuned for details.

Have a great weekend!

Lon Naylor and Michelle Schoen
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