Archiving your Camtasia Products for Future Updates

So far I have 60 tutorials on my hard drive for my current client project and it’s started to clog things up. Too many videos take up a lot of space on my laptop and really slow things down. How can I keep buying all the cool products that Lon recommendeds if I have no room to store them?

Can you relate?

In the video below I will share with you exactly how I prepare my videos to archive so that I can keep them from filling up my hard drive.  It’s also a great way to be sure you have all the pieces of your project in one nicely packaged file.You’ll also learn how I use the “unsync” feature in  Dropbox to keep my project safely in the cloud for easy access.

This was just 6 minutes of the 60 minutes worth of Camtasia and PowerPoint tips Lon and I share each week with the members of our Screencast Video Coaching membership. Hope you can join us as we’re having a half price sale going on From Monday-Thursday (April 30th -May 3rd). After that it goes back to it’s regular monthly price.

Thanks for watching!

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