Quick Guide to Making your Video Screencasting Business Stand Out

How is your screencasting business different? Why should people be excited about your video training courses or YouTube tutorials over others in your industry? Whether you are just getting started in Screencasting or have been at it for a few years, it’s not too late to differentiate your business.

It goes without saying that most people get bored seeing the same old thing. For example, I’ve seen a ton of makeup tutorials on YouTube whose creators all do the same thing time after time, and they may do beautiful makeup but they all start to run together because I’ve seen it before. I think one of the main reasons someone like Michelle Phan, a YouTube makeup video star, became uber famous was her style. Her videos looked very different from the rest and viewers started to recognize her brand.

I get excited and I remember businesses that do something new and different, when they break the mold. That’s when I get excited to follow along with them. That’s when I want to purchase their courses, when I want to share about it with my friends and family, is when somebody has a new idea, when they’re doing something different or they’re doing something really, really well.

Another great example of this, a few days ago I was watching my favorite workout video series Fitness Blender. There may be hundreds of fitness sites and youtube videos but Fitness Blender is different.  They were the only series to not use any music, which I love because it let’s me choose my own.

They didn’t stop there. They put a calorie counter and a progress bar on the screen so you know  how much is left to go.

All of that combined had me really excited to tell others about this company. It made me want to keep following them and contribute to their Patreon account every month to help them grow.

If you have a really neat idea that’s really easy to get behind, it makes you memorable. People get excited to share about your business. That’s when it will grow really quickly.

It sounds easy, I know. And yes, it’s a lot easier said than done. But below I have 6 ideas you can start to implement today to make your video business stand out from the rest.

Ideas for Differentiation

The First Way is Talent.

Be really, really good at what you do. Always continue to learn. Always be thinking of ways that you can improve your skills. Always try to be on top of the curve. Talent is a really fantastic way to stand out. I think about this with Steve Washer and his videos at Visible Authority.  He was one of the first Video Creators I started following along with. He continues to be one of my favorites because He has such a consistent but unique style and he is so good at what he does.

The Next Way is Your Offerings.

Come up with a screencast product or service that hasn’t been seen before. Or, you don’t have to reinvent the wheel, you can just mix it up a little bit and do something different from what’s already being done out there. I think this is often one of the biggest ways that, as a business, we think about differentiating ourselves. You don’t have to do all these options. I’m just throwing these out there. Be thinking of how you can mix it up from what’s being done already. I have a few ideas for my own business but I’m keeping those a secret for now!

Another Way is Through Marketing.

Try a new approach from what’s being done in your industry. Content marketing is a great way to do that. Many years ago when I was shifting my Camtasia Services blog focus from marketing to only potential clients to marketing to Virtual Assistants I didn’t see many other VAs posting about Camtasia, or sharing transparently about how they design videos, through their blog. It was a great opportunity for me to come in and, just through a different marketing style, differentiate my services.

Think about how you are marketing your business. Are people using Facebook Live to create videos in your niche? Or use it differently from how it’s being used. Same thing with YouTube. Whatever that looks like, think about how your marketing approach could differentiate you from others in your industry.

What about your Process?

Do you have a better way of doing things? Break out of the industry standard and do it your own way. Our last Camtasia 9 class was a little different in that we focused on the types of videos people most want to create then let them take just the sessions they needed. A lot of people started following along with us  just because of that new process. Or it got people talking about it. Think about how your promoting your process could differentiate your business.

Take a Look at your Branding.

Branding is pretty important when you’re first starting out. This is something I didn’t even think about until the last year or so. You want to make sure that when people do come to your blog after seeing one of your posts on Facebook, or come across your YouTube channel, or your webinars, that that first impression is positive, that they take you seriously, that you look professional, that you are different from other people out there doing the same thing.

You can do that through your brand.

You can do that through your visuals.

You can do that through your tone of voice, the words you use. All of that goes into branding. 

Here’s a guide from Hubspot on Branding Styles. You’ll never look at websites and videos again without noticing their branding.


So, I Challenge You.

Take some time to look and see what marketing techniques or what’s going on outside of your niche that you might be able to implement inside your niche and do something different there. Take a risk and you will be a lot more fun to follow along with and cheer for in the long run. Think about the businesses that YOU follow along with and enjoy telling others about. They’re usually different. They usually mix it up a little bit. That’s my challenge to you.

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Pat Reply

Taking the time to optimize your videos (I’m thinking YouTube specifically) also helps you get found, and – connected to your “branding” point – crafting a consistent opening and/or closing CTA, too.

Great ideas here – adding (or at least sprucing up) video is definitely a smart move. And it’s so much fun 🙂

PS – And I LOVE Fitness Blender, too!!

Connie Horn Reply

Great post, Michelle! You reminded me about Steve Washer–I love that guy! I got back on his list. Good info. Thanks. Now I have to figure out how I can differentiate myself!

Michelle Schoen Reply

Yes, Pat, I definitely agree on the consistent opening and closing for your videos. That is a huge part of branding.

And it’s nice to meet a fellow Fitness Blender devotee. I’m always happy, though, when they say “Workout Complete” !

Michelle Schoen Reply

Connie, It took me a super long time to really think about differentiation and branding and I’m still working on it. Sometimes I wish I had the time and motivation to go back and redo all my videos with a consistent style or just start a brand new YouTube channel. But you’ll still notice, with a lot of very popular YouTube channels, they have a bunch of videos early in their career that were a bit boring and inconsistent but they seemed to find their style along the way. and they never deleted those earlier videos.

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