Using Innovative PowerPoint Templates for Video

You may recall a few months ago that I became a fan of a set of very innovative (I’ll explain what I mean by that in a minute) and well designed PowerPoint templates called Levidio.

The next set of 10 modules is out now in Levidio 2.0:

Check them out HERE ==> Levidio 2.0 PowerPoint Templates

So…I like templates…but there are things that make me crazy about most of them out there! Lots of folks try to make complete videos using every slide in any given template but the REAL value in good ones is usually the PIECES and parts you can copy and use.

In this tutorial, I talk about how I go about taking advantage of good slide elements and be able to use them in Camtasia also:

No matter what PowerPoint video templates you’re working with there are some techniques that will literally save your brain! For example: Do you know about the Selection Pane? How about SmartArt? Creating PowerPoint “Swipe Files“? Here are some of my favorite tips:

A well designed PowerPoint template can be quickly edited and used as video content. BUT:

I almost ALWAYS finalize the PowerPoint video  created in Camtasia!

PowerPoint is great for creating nice content but it is NOT a video editing program and you can go insane trying to do things like timing in it. Here’s what the end result can look like. I did this in a bout 20 minutes and could easily make it even better but I wanted to show quick right-out-of-the-box results:

Want to try it yourself?

I talked to Ilham Zulkarnain and got him to let us have the awesome “Photographer” Template I used in the demonstrations & tutorials for free.

Just click to DOWNLOAD HERE FOR FREE (no opt-in…just grab it & play!)


And don’t forget to check out all the new templates, audio track, and bonuses in Levidio 2.0:

==> Levidio 2.0

Let me know what you think!

Lon Naylor


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Charles Ormsbee Reply

Hey Lon,
Yes, I agree with you about these templates. I wasn’t going to buy them. But I purchased shortly after the Tuesday nights coaching call using the link you shared. I appreciate the heads up on a good
product. Especially the tips to create the swipe files of the different animations and such. Good ideas.
I already have some plans on how to use them. I really appreciate the enhanced information you provide on these products with your videos and sharing tips. That part is really helpful.

Thanks again.

Ian Reply

Some real gold here Lon.

Gonna get some extra mileage out of my templates.

Thank you!

    Lon Naylor Reply

    Thanks Ian. I’m putting together more PowerPoint tutorials like these so stay tuned.

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