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  • Best-selling Camtasia® course
  • Training for both versions 8 and 9
  • Over 14 hours of instruction
  • Download all lessons
  • 100+ Camtasia 9 Library Assets
  • Windows PC instruction
  • 30-day Money-back Guarantee


Multiple Versions in One

Whether you are using Camtasia Studio® version 8 or Camtasia® 9 for your Windows PC, you will get full course instruction.

7+ Hours of Training per Version

Learn through over-the-shoulder instruction as Ron guides you through learning all the major elements of the Camtasia Studio® software program.

Downloads of All Videos

Watch anywhere, any time. Download every instructional video in MP4 format and watch on any device.

30-Day Guarantee

You get an unconditional 30-day money-back guarantee with Camtasia® Mastery training. Get expert training or get a full refund.


Master the Software within Hours

You get the complete A-Z process. We'll start with where to purchase the Camtasia® software program and how to install it, to planning our videos, to recording our screen and audio, to editing the video and audio, and finally producing our video and uploading it.

Get the Audio Right to Sound Like a Pro

There is nothing more important to your video's quality, than its audio. Bad audio can ruin a great video. You will learn how to record your audio, how to edit your audio, and how to apply noise removal to make your audio as clear as possible.

Save Time with Tips and Tricks

Cut editing time by a third or more by planning your videos before recording. Learn tips and tricks to save you time and get your videos produced faster. From keyboard shortcuts for recording and editing to applying changes across multiple clips at once, your workflow will get faster.

Produce Videos to Look Great with Small Files

Learn about several different video terms and settings like aspect ratio, compression, file formats, resolution, and frames per second (fps). You'll also learn best practices for video settings so your view has the best experience without file sizes getting massive.

Keep Viewers' Attention by Removing Distractions

You don't want to just click record on your computer without first tidying up a bit. You'll find out how to clean up your desktop, add branding, remove interruptions, and eliminate browser histories so your viewer doesn't get distracted by things that you may not even notice.

Learn the Pros and Cons of Video Platforms

After your video masterpiece is created, it shouldn't just stay on your computer. You'll learn about several video platforms that you can use to upload your video. We will also examine advantages and disadvantages over free and paid video hosting services.

NEW ADDITION! Introducing the


Jump start your way to awesome Camtasia videos with this special bundle of extra resources, training, & tutorials!

Over 100 "Done-For-You" Camtasia Assets

We've built and collected DOZENS of assets for use in Camtasia 9 including:
CalloutsLower ThirdsMotion Graphics - OutrosCalls To Action (CTAs)
Text EffectsTitle AssetsTransitions and RevealersVideo and Image Effects
YouTube AssetsMusic TracksVideo Backgrounds

Most are for Camtasia 9 but several can be used in Camtasia Studio 8 as well.

20 Video Training Tutorials

We've compiled HOURS of our BEST training for online video including:
Video StrategyVideo MarketingTypographyEmbedding the Smart Player
Fixing Audio 'Plosives'Using Creative CommonsProduct Review Toolkit
Affiliate MarketingYouTube End ScreensSubscriber Hook - Webinar Replays...and MORE!

"Bite-sized" tips & tricks to kick your Camtasia skills into high gear with MORE being added on a consistent basis.

Course Creation Rock Star Training

What's the fastest way to begin to profit from your new Camtasia skills & resources? Create your own digital video training courses! You'll discover the best methods for creating an effective and professional video training course from a real-world training pro including Planning, Producing, and Publishing your highly profitable digital product. Also includes Resources, Activities, and special Bonuses!

Home Video Studio Setup Training

Screen capture video with Camtasia are great but to really make a personal connection with your audience, nothing beats an appearance from you on camera. In this training course, you'll learn how to overcome all the complexity of  microphones, lighting, cameras, and more to quickly look and sound great!


Ron Hogue

  • Award-winning trainer
  • Creator of best-selling Camtasia® course
  • 15 years of software training experience

Lon Naylor

  • Go-to guru for Camtasia® training
  • Co-creator of top Camtasia® training site
  • Creator of dozens of video products and templates


BONUS #1: Professional Audio Tracks (60)

You'll get 60 professionally recorded tracks. They are all royalty-free so you can use them in any of your videos. What's even better, is that this professional musician has offered to send you a new song weekly for free! You'll start with 60 high-quality tracks and your list will grow weekly for FREE. It's an amazing offer that's ONLY for Camtasia® Mastery students.

BONUS #2: Camtasia® Survival Guide

Upgrading from Camtasia Studio® 8 to Camtasia® 9? This multi-part video series will help you navigate from the familiar to the new. Not sure where to find something? The survival guide will let you know where it moved and how you might be able to change it back.

BONUS #3: Ace the Audio

The #1 element that affects your video quality, isn't even visual. It's the audio. If you can Ace the Audio, your videos will have a higher perceived quality. Severe problems with your audio will CRUSH the effectiveness and watch-ability of your videos by a huge percentage. This is usually easy to avoid. Make sure you’re starting out right with this important component! Learn about different types of microphones, recording, and producing your audio in this 90-minute audio mini-course.

BONUS #4: Camtasia® Performance 101

Want to get the most out your software? Want to produce videos as quickly as possible? Want to leverage your computer's hardware to the max? Then you'll want to check out Camtasia® Performance 101. Get under the hood without getting dirty and tune up your system.


Two, 7-hour Camtasia® Mastery Courses: $390 Value
100+ Done-For-You Camtasia Assets: $200 Value
20+ Video Creation Tutorials: $ 50 Value
10 Professional Royalty-Free Tracks: $150 Value
Camtasia® Survival Guide Video Series: $  97 Value
Ace the Audio 90-minute Mini-course: $  27 Value
Camtasia® Performance 101: $  47 Value
TOTAL: $961 Value

30-Day Guarantee

You get an unconditional 30-day money-back guarantee with Camtasia® Mastery training. Get expert training or get a full refund.

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