How To Create “Fractured” Pictures in PowerPoint

This is a really fun and easy way to create interesting images that are “split up” in PowerPoint.

CLICK HERE to Download your Fractured Image Template

How To Create a Parallax Effect in PowerPoint

How to create a “parallax” transition effect in PowerPoint. Download the sample slide below to swipe the effect.

CLICK HERE to Download your Sample Slide

Quick Effects Toolkit 1

A few of our favorite animation effects all pre-configured that you can use in any PowerPoint video project:

CLICK HERE to Download your Effects Template

“Paper Cut-outs” Tutorial & Template

Here’s a fun graphics effect to add some spice to flat, static images in your PowerPoint videos:

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PhotoDune – Great source for stock images

Intro/Outro Brackets Template

Nice little quick, CLEAN, animation template for an “Intro” and/or “Outro” slide:

CLICK HERE to Download your Intro/Outro Template

Color Coordinated “Pop” and “Push List” Template

While I keep up with what most video creators are doing, I can count the ones I follow and listen to on one hand. I don’t follow many “marketing” gurus because most of them don’t impress me much. And when there is someone who makes BOTH those lists in my book? Well…I pay close attention and…I rip them off!

Andy Jenkins is a guy with mad video skills AND one of the smartest marketers around. I highly suggest you watch his video below and study it like I did. When you are finished, we’ll take a look at some key video tricks and rip ‘em off!

==> Watch Andy’s awesome video HERE

WARNING: Yes, this video has no player controls and you can’t even Pause it (WTH?) so set aside about 18 minutes. It’s well worth it. Also, do NOT move your mouse outside your browser or you will be “Exit Popped” out of watching the video (WTH again!):

CLICK HERE to Download your”Push List” Effect Template