Screencast Video Success Story: Julie Choo

Sometimes when I’m starting something new (I’m dabbling in abstract art painting) it really helps if I can learn from people who are a few steps ahead of me. They don’t have to have achieved huge success (like be in a well known gallery) but they need to be moving forward doing the kind of work I want to be doing.

This week in a departure from my normal blogposts I’d like to offer you the same opportunity (but in the screencast video niche)by introducing you to Entrepreneur Julie Choo.

Julie and I worked together this past summer when she purchased a Video Coaching Package to help her put together her first course.

Julie’s company helps people with the strategy and technologies they need to set up and scale their business. She runs training courses in the UK. Australia and New Zealand band came to me to help her transition her 4 day live course to online training.

During our time together she created her courses with the PowerPoint video features then brought them into Camtasia for a little more editing.

She also created a marketing video to fund her new book  on Kickstarter, and is setting up for lots more videos in 2018.

Highlights from the Interview

  • How Julie determined it was time to add online video to her live courses.
  • The main differences Julie sees in the way most people use PowerPoint and in the way you need to use it for video.
  • How she got around her discomfort with creating a storyboard and what she’s going to do differently next time.
  • How she used a Kickstarter video to overfund her new book.
  • What she’s learned about the future of video from the conferences she attends.


(Note: Audio is 40 minutes. This audio player doesn’t enable you to skip forward but you can pause and resume. Click here for the Download link and skip around as much as you want :-))
Links Mentioned in the Audio
Julie’s personal website:
Business Website and courses:
Book and blog website:
 Julie’s Vlog:
Where Julie hired her scriptwriter
Julie is also very active in our Private Facebook Forum and if you are a monthly member of the Screencast Video Coaching you can ask her more questions while you’re there.
Hope you enjoy the interview!

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