September 2018

Bi-Weekly Video Update – 09/11/18

Hey there, it’s Michelle this week and I’ve got another themed newsletter for you. It’s all about creating great design. A talent I wish I’d been born with but instead had to work really hard to develop. If you’re also design challenged, you’ll benefit from some of the resources I share with you this week.

On the Blog: Design Tips for Video Creators Who Kind of Skipped Out on Design School

One of the most pivotal moments in my journey to learn how to incorporate good design into my videos was when I recognized that every single illustration, PowerPoint template, and Camtasia Lower Third I had ever ogled over was the product of someone mastering how to combine shapes and lines.

Fundamentally, great design is simply understanding how to build up a screen with simple shapes then arrange them in a pleasant composition.

Neither Lon nor I went to any brick and mortar graphic design schools, but over the years we’ve built up a pretty impressive array of videos for our websites, our YouTube channels and clients.

My guess is that you haven’t had much in the way of professional graphic art training either and maybe you feel like you lack an innate talent for design. Believe me, I’ve been there. But design basics can be learned. And I’ve found some great resources to get your started.

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60 Free Icon Sets

It’s taken me a long while to get started using icons. Now I love them. I don’t use them in their original tiny size like some people do. I look at my narration, then pick an icon that symbolizes what I’m talking about. Next I make them huge and change the color to match my video colors. Then I usually put just a little text next to or on top of the icon like this:

Canva has a link to 60 free outline icon sets perfect for contemporary designs

Hope you’ll find them useful for your videos.

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Two Bonuses added to PowerPoint Video Mastery

Next Monday we start a five day sale on our popular course “PowerPoint Video Mastery”.

We’ll be adding new bonuses and a live session that will help you to implement what you’re learning.

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That’s it for this week – see you in two weeks!

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Bi-Weekly Video Update – 09/25/18