October 2016

Bi-Weekly Video Update – 10/23/16

Hi there! Hope you’re having a great day. It’s Michelle Schoen this week with your Screencast Video News.

From the Learn Camtasia Blog:

The NEW Camtasia 9: What You Need to Know
For all us Screencast junkies the wait is over. Techsmith just released a new Camtasia. After over four years with Camtasia 8 we get a new look, better functionality and some cool new animations. If you’d like to see what’s been changed, added and removed (boo hoo) you’ll want to read on and take a look at our webinar replay for "What’s New in Camtasia 9".

Read on the blog…

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When your Students Need to Practice in a Simulated Environment

Camtasia is excellent when it comes to creating software demos and tutorials and they have a nice quizzing feature allowing you to check if your viewers are remembering what you taught.

But there are some occasions where you may want to provide a more interactive type of practice which allows users to make mistakes in a safe environment where they can’t mess up your software application. That’s where software simulations come in.

I’m currently creating tutorials for a client in Camtasia but using a software called Adobe Captivate to create "You Try it" practice exercises where they can interact with a simulation of the software.

The students need to complete a series of steps in the simulated application to be sure the training will transfer back to their workplace.

My next blog post will be showing you the simulation I built but in the meantime, if you’re interested in this kind of interactivity you can check out Adobe Captivate. The cost is $29 month.

It’s a pretty complex software to learn if you want to learn everything. But if you are only really interested in using it for simulations, you’ll find the learning curve is not too bad at all.

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Found a New Graphic Source

Yeah, it’s nice to get free graphics when you can but it can also be time consuming to find just what you need from the free sites. Sometimes you need to find a place with a lot of options.

I have a client who needs lots of stock photos and will be creating his videos through 2017. So I wanted to find a site with unlimited downloads for a whole year with no daily maximums. He told me he HAD been paying $400/month for Shutterstock at which I promptly threw up in my own mouth. Forget that!

I found this site https://www.graphicstock.com and got a free trial for a week to test it out. I found a lot we could use. After the week was up, we got a year for $99. If you’re doing a lot of videos or webinars, it’s worth a look.

That’s it for this week – see you in two weeks!

Lon Naylor and Michelle Schoen
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