May 2014

Weekly Video Update – 05/09/14

Hi there, it’s Michelle this week. I almost thought of taking the entire weekend off to celebrate Mothers Day but I couldn’t leave you with nothing to read tomorrow SO….

This week,  I’ve got a fun promo video from a screencast student, an invitation to a live webinar on Thursday, that will help you become a better on-line teacher, and an interesting article I’m reading about creative genius.

From the Learn Camtasia Blog:

Awesome Promo Video: Interview with Kary Boan-Dunham

If a company is only using text and images, and not using video, very few people are connecting with their message. That’s the core idea behind the video below,  created by one of our current Screencast Video Members, Kari Boan-Durham.

Kary has been with our group since the beginning of the year and has just created a very clever and imaginative promotional video for her site I was intrigued and wanted to get to know a little more about Kary’s background, skills and what tools she used to create  her video. Read More….

Kary Video

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Live Webinar on the 15th

If you’ve ever dreamed of becoming a more effective, more powerful and more inspirational teacher, trainer, speaker, or business owner…

And especially, if you’ve ever dreamed of turning your knowledge into an online business of your own, but just didn’t know where to start…

I’ve got something you’re really going to love!

Learn More…

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Permission to Create Junk

I feel like I’ve turned some sort of corner this year where I’m learning to slow down and not be in such a hurry to put out videos that could really use a couple more days of “fermenting time”. Time to step away then go back and see how they could be made better.

James Clear writes….

In any creative endeavor you have to give yourself permission to create junk. There is no way around it. Sometimes you have to write 4 terrible pages just to discover that you wrote one good sentence in the second paragraph of the third page.”

Although James is really writing about creativity, and the hours one needs to put into his art before he is considered a master, what the quote means to me is that I need to take more time to polish up my work.

Just like a the advice above for writers I’m learning more and more to just sit with a video for a few days before sending it out into the world or to a client. To leave more time in the schedule to get away from the work then return to revise and perhaps make better choices.

I think you’ll like the article from James Clear I quoted above. It’s not really about impatience or quality.  It’s about creativity and putting in the practice time necessary to be your very best. But I think creativity really blossoms when people learn to be patient and not rush their projects out the door.

Have a great weekend!

Lon Naylor and Michelle Schoen
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PS – Happy Mother’s Day to all you moms reading this and a special shout-out to Doreen who’s been my second mom for 35 years.

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Weekly Video Update – 05/16/14

Hi there, it’s Lon Naylor with this week’s highlights of tips & resources for making great screencast and PowerPoint videos.

From the Learn Camtasia Blog:

==> 3D “Pop-out” Picture Effect for PowerPoint

Super fun and simple tutorial to give your pictures a little POP:

3D Popout Picture

Read More….

Don’t forget to leave your questions & comments and Share!

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Template Bargain Alert

In case you missed these PowerPoint video templates, you can still grab them for a Launch Special steal.

==> Instant Video Templates

Instant Video Templates

They include graphics (you can use in all your PowerPoint & Camtasia projects, NICE animations, sound effects, music, and tutorials on how to use them.


Don’t Miss These… only 3 more days and then the price goes WAY up.

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On-Line Training: One of the Hottest Businesses in 2014

In April 2013, Inc. Magazine named online education as one of “The 8 Best Industries for Starting a Business”.

Video Training websites like Udemy,, Skillshare, Craftsy, and Chef Hangout are emerging almost on a daily basis – and are growing by leaps and bounds.

If you missed, or got shut out of (we filled the room to capacity), last night’s  live training with Michelle Schoen and Craig Cannings – a replay is now available for a short time.

Go here now to learn why online teaching is one of the hottest businesses to pursue in 2014 and beyond.

TAP Webinar

LIMITED TIME REPLAY: 7 Steps to Profit from the Online Teaching Revolution!

==> Watch HERE

There has never been a better time than TODAY to turn your knowledge into a hugely successful online business of your own – whether you already have a product or are just getting started.

Have a great weekend!

Lon Naylor and Michelle Schoen
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Weekly Video Update – 05/23/14

Hi there, it’s Michelle this week.  For those who decided to open our email over this Memorial holiday weekend when you could just be hanging out with family and friends – thank you!

We do hope you will be taking some time off. After I hit “Send” on this email, I’m headed out shopping to hit the sales.

I hope you enjoy this issue as the focus this week is on reviews. Lon and I want you to be able to make some informed decisions on whether to upgrade your current TechSmith software. Or for those of you who may want to start using Amazon S3 to host your videos, invest in a video player plugin that works exceptionally well.

From the Learn Camtasia Blog:

Camtasia 8.4 and Snagit 12 – New features You’ll Love

As you know, Lon and I like to be the first to tell you when there are updates to our favorite tools that make them easier to use and provide more functionality. So, I’m really excited to let you know about an update (one free and one paid) to Camtasia Studio and Snagit – I think you’ll find them quit useful.

Read More

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New Video Player That Really Works

Why do you need to purchase a video player anyhow? Well, if you are uploading your videos to YouTube or, then maybe you don’t. You can use their video player and their embed code and be just fine.

BUT if you are like the rest of us that use Amazon S3 to host our videos (or even your own webserver or Google drive), then you need a player. If you just upload the video itself, it won’t play.

The folks over at NAMS (I’ve told you about them many times) were sick of all the video players, that they tried, not working in all their customer’s browsers.

So they put all there resources into developing one that just works.  And it’s a simple plugin for WordPress which makes it all the more convenient.

This morning I downloaded it and played around to be sure I could recommended it to you and I like it a lot. So much so that I am working on a video review for you tonight so you can see all the features.

If you’d like to check it out before you get my video review email, please head over here. It happens to be on sale through Memorial Day so it’s worth looking at it now.

S3 Video Plugin

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Just thought you’d like to know…

I was just in YouTube this morning doing an “annotation” on one of our videos and noticed a link that said something like “Link to External” site.  Since YouTube has never allowed anyone to link from their video out to another site (only to other YouTube Videos) I followed it.

It seems that they are allowing external links to about 60-70 on-line merchants such as, Google Play and Cafe Press.  This will be great for those of you who are selling merchandise at any one of those websites.

Although I didn’t thoroughly go through the list, it looks as though places that sell digital info products are not on there but who knows- that may be down the road!

Have a great weekend,

Lon Naylor and Michelle Schoen
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Weekly Video Update – 05/30/14

Hi there, it’s Lon Naylor with this week’s highlights of tips & resources for making great screencast and PowerPoint videos.

Video Training Resource: Video Induction System

If you haven’t seen this, here’s a very good all-round video training course from one of my favorite video experts Joey Xoto:

Check it out here ==> Video Induction System – Special Launch Price Ends MONDAY

During a launch, the best video marketers put out a series of videos that I love to watch and learn from.

Here’s a little “study guide” I put together with some observations and tips. It also has links to watch the launch videos:

No opt-in instant download ==> VIS Study Guide

If you want to learn how to make stunning camera video content, I also highly recommend the Platinum upgrade you will see after your initial purchase.

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From The LearnCamtasia Blog:

TechSmith released version 8.4 of Camtasia Studio recently.

One of the interesting new features is the ability for viewers to “speed up” the playback of a video in the Camtasia Player.

Here’s a very quick sample of what that does:

Oh… and you can see me make Michelle dance! 😉

==> Read More

That’s it for this week. I’d like to also says thanks to everyone for the heart-felt wishes this week on the passing of my father. It truly makes a difficult time easier…

Have a great weekend,

Lon Naylor and Michelle Schoen
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