June 2016

Bi-Weekly Video Update – 06/05/16

Hi there! Lon Naylor here with your screencast video news.

From the LearnCamtasia Blog:

Camtasia Animations 101
There seems to be a lot of confusion on how to create and use animations in Camtasia.

Most of that stems from not having a good, solid understanding of the fundamentals of HOW they work.

In this tutorial, I do my best to explain that animations can (when used properly & sparingly) increase the engagement with the viewer visually.

In fact, they are really easy if you know how!

Watch & Learn on the Blog…

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1,000 Motion Video Background Library

A "motion background" can be a very eye-catching element to add to your videos.

If you would like to add a BUNCH of full HD video backgrounds to your library, here’s a limited time sweet deal:

Check out ==> Motion Suite Pro Ultimate

These are from one of my favorite video element resources, my buddy Nelson Long over at SuperGoodProduct.

You know I likes me a good launch special and this one is an Early Bird going up in price tomorrow.

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Camtasia Studio with Special Bonus

Did you know that Michelle is a Camtasia Studio Reseller?

Well, she is running a special offer with a bunch of special training bonuses with your Camtasia purchase (worth over $500).

Through Monday night you can also get our Learn Camtasia Video Course, a 12 hour professional screencasting video course that normally sells for $397, completely free with your purchase of Camtasia or Camtasia with Snagit.

Get it while it lasts at ==> http://getcamtasia.com

That’s it for this week – see you in two weeks!

Lon Naylor and Michelle Schoen
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Bi-Weekly Video Update – 06/19/16

Hi there! It’s Michelle Schoen with your screencast video news.

From the Learn Camtasia Blog:

Five Cool Things I Discovered Helping My Son Create a Video Game Tutorial for YouTube
After the success of his first video last year (it got nearly 400,000 views), my son decided to get serious and create a YouTube channel where he’ll be putting up a new tutorial each week.

Through the process I was really excited to see how much he was learning about YouTube, Camtasia and Screencasting, but I was also pretty hyped up to see how much I was actually learning from him.

So even if you have no interest in basketball or video games, take a look at this video and let me share with you some new things I didn’t realize about creating Channel Art, a backwards technique for doing narration, using popular music in your videos and appealing to your target market.

Read on the blog

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Super Affiliate Video Marketing

Want to see how a super affiliate uses video during a product launch to get consistent Top 10 Leaderboard results?

Lon Naylor is a pro at this and will be doing a special Case Study of the new Viddyoze 2.0 Launch starting this week. To follow along and get tons of tips. tricks, and affiliate marketing tactics:

Join this list to follow along: Viddyoze 2.0 Case Study

Seriously… don’t miss this! There will be a LOT of great information. 😉

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Career in Screencasting Half Price through Monday

Back in 2008 I started a home based business career on the internet as a Virtual Assistant. The first tool I learned was Camtasia and my services included:

  • Recording and editing my client’s webinars
  • Creating Software Demos for small businesses
  • Producing tutorials and training courses for large companies
  • Creating sales videos for Internet Marketers

I couldn’t believe I was having so much fun and building a portfolio of videos that got me even more work without any advertising or expense.

I enjoy video work so much that, although I have lots products for sale and consulting/coaching income, I’ve never stopped taking on Screencast Service jobs for clients.

If you’re interested in exploring this as a part or full time business, use the coupon code "career" through Tuesday to get our "Career in Screencasting" 50% off.

That’s it for this week – see you in two weeks!

Lon Naylor and Michelle Schoen
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