January 2017

Bi-Weekly Video Update – 01/01/17

It’s Michelle this week and I hope you are having a Happy New Year. It’s been a great week for me just relaxing and spending quality time with my family. But I had some things to share with you so I definitely wanted to get the newsletter out this weekend.

From the Blog:
Become a Thought Leader: 2017 is the Year to Get What You Know onto Video

It doesn’t matter if your online course has less than one hour of content. It doesn’t matter that your material isn’t mind blowing. It doesn’t matter if your content borrows heavily from (and appropriately references) other practitioners and researchers. The video just needs to provide value and be well organized; and with that “base hit” (as opposed to a home run) the person whose name is on the title “wins”

Read More…

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Camtasia 9 Live Workshops: New courses this Month

Ready to learn video screencasting? We have two new Camtasia 9 workshops in January.

Each workshop will be project oriented and will walk you through creating a particular style of video from start to finish.

Live workshop Jan. 5, 2017: Create Your Software Demo/Website Tutorial Video

Jan. 5th, 8pm EST – Lesson
Jan. 9th, 8pm EST – Q&A

Live workshop Jan. 12, 2017: Create Your Affiliate Product Review Video

Jan. 12th, 8pm EST – Lesson
Jan. 16th, 8pm EST – Q&A

And you can still purchase the replays of…
==>Create Your Training Course Video
==>Create Your “How-To” Tip Video

for just $47 each.

You can get our Camtasia 9 Workshops at this low introductory price until January 31st.

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I love this free Resource for Cool Background Videos
If you’d like to see some free videos that can be used on your website (or anywhere else) go to Coverr

These videos are loops that would be awesome playing behind a title screen on an online training course or behind some text on any type of video. They add a  nice little touch of pizzazz and creativity to your project.

That’s it for this week – see you in two weeks!

Lon Naylor and Michelle Schoen
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Bi-Weekly Video Update – 01/08/17

It’s Lon Naylor and I have a number of things to share with you…

How To FIX Audio “Plosives” in Camtasia

Have you ever recorded audio narration for your Camtasia videos and found that there are explosive “pops” when you say words that begin with a “P” or a “B”?

These are called Plosives (or Stop Consonants) and REALLY make you sound unprofessional! They have to go! But… how do you get rid of them without re-recording your narration?

In this Camtasia 9 tutorial, I’ll show you how. This technique works pretty much the same way in Camtasia 8 too!

Check out this tutorial on the Blog:

READ MORE ==> Fix Plosives in Camtasia

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Ultimate Stock Footage Package

Wow. My buddy Nelson Long has a REALLY big bundle of stock footage videos.

CHECK OUT ==> Stock Footage Ultimate

This is probably the only library of stock footage a person would ever need. Over 7,000 clips (plus more as bonuses automatically in the download area)…

All organized into category sub-folders to be able to drill down on what you are looking for.

Special launch deal through tonight…


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One last thing: Probably the most underused yet potentially best use of video is: Video Ads on Facebook

Here’s my problem: I HATE Facebook ads because I can never get them delivered to a targeted enough audience without losing my shirt in costs.

This tool is amazing for fixing that:
==> ConnectExplore

That’s it for this week – see you in two weeks!

Lon Naylor and Michelle Schoen
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Bi-Weekly Video Update – 01/29/17

It’s Michelle this week with a couple of tasty video thoughts to share with you so sit back, crank up the fireplace and have a bit of green tea.

From the Blog:
Video Scripts and Storyboards: Seven Ways to Motivate Your Learners

In both workplace and academic environments, people are often unmotivated because they are required to take video based training courses in which they have no interest. Luckily, in the online world most of the buyers for our video courses will have freely chosen to purchase our training and excited to dive in.

But, with that said, we still need to work hard at creating learning experiences that get audiences engaged and motivated to watch all of our course. If they find themselves bored and distracted after the first ten minutes, we may find ourselves with some serious refunds and a bad reputation. Read More…

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Does Marketing Make You Queasy?

When you hear the words sales, broadcast emails, funnels and leads what do you think of?

Oh… did you just throw up in your mouth a little? I know and I really think that’s how most business owners feel about it. All our readers love the creativity of making cool videos but it’s the selling part that’s kind of icky.

These things take a lot of thought, time and brain space that most of us who are into the video creation part, just can’t quite manage to actually do so I really admire people who are good at it.

I have two friends in our business, who each have amazing multiple 6-figure, dream businesses. They are Nicole Dean and Melissa Ingold and I have known them both for about 8 years.

They have compiled some of their best advice for how to organize, systematize and market your products and I recently enjoyed watching their free video series called "10x Your Business".

As a video creator, I think they could have used a little help with the lighting and background- but video is not their niche. These ladies know how to market and create systems. It’s what they’ve learned through years of trial and error and have successfully implemented in their businesses.

This is a free video series and I think it is well worth your time to watch. Their target market is really coaches and consultants, but their advice and ideas can easily carry over to video developers and service providers.

That’s it for this week – see you in two weeks!

Lon Naylor and Michelle Schoen
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