January 2016

Bi-Weekly Video Update – 01/09/16

Hi, it’s Lon Naylor with this week’s video tips, tutorials, templates and news!

From the Blog:

Using Markers in Camtasia Studio
You probably know about "markers" in Camtasia but…

Did you know there are TWO kinds?

Both are very useful if you know how to use them. Here’s how:

Markers are one of those little techniques you can use to make video editing faster and easier. 😉

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"Funnels" are KEY to your online business… Here’s your blueprint:

We’ve all seen the basic Opt in > Thank You page basics. zzzzz~~~~~~

But how do you up your game and REALLY build out your funnel so you can add value, sell more and maximize the work you’ve put into making your videos?

Watch this…

==> http://www.screencastprofits.com/tools/funnelstak

The CEO of Digital Kickstart,Mark Thompson is practically giving away the blueprints for how they crank out profitable sales funnel at will!

Regardless of what niche, industry or product/service you are selling – there are a set of sales and “triggers” that remain constant.

Master these triggers. Master how to generate revenue online.

This is the FOUNDATION for any online business and is used for things like:

+ Lead Generation
+ Webinars
+ SaaS Evergreen Apps
+ Product Launches
+ Coaching

Mark not only shows you how to generate leads/sales, but how to keep them happy, how to minimize refunds and how to maximize the lifetime value of each customer.

All done through automated sales funnels!

We’ve made funnels the CORE for our business here at LearnCamtasia for 2016. Ya… it’s like THAT!

That’s it for this week – see you in two weeks!

Lon Naylor and Michelle Schoen
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Bi-Weekly Video Update – 01/23/16

Hi, it’s Michelle Schoen with video tips, tutorials, templates and news. This week I answer a common question from our readers (How do I know which video tool to use?) and a quick reminder that the promo on Camtasia Studio ends tonight.

From the Blog:

PowerPoint vs Camtasia–How to Choose the Right Tool for your Video
I got an email yesterday, from a subscriber, asking me the following:

"I need to create a series of videos for my customers, training videos, and then I also want to create a series of video sales letters. To date, I’ve been using PowerPoint with animations and voice overs. What is the difference in going with something like Camtasia?"

PowerPoint VS Camtasia
Often people are not sure which tool will be the most efficient program for the type of video they are creating. So I’ve created this list of what Camtasia offers vs what PowerPoint offers to help you make the best choice. Since Lon and I use both tools pretty equally, you can be sure there are no biases towards one or the other.

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What Did you Decide?

Did you decide that Camtasia is the right tool for your video? If so, then I encourage you to purchase it before midnight tonight at my authorized reseller page. I’ll be removing the limited time bonus training (Oracle paid me over $3000 to deliver to their trainers) tonight.


That’s it for this week – see you in two weeks!

Lon Naylor and Michelle Schoen
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