January 2015

Weekly Video Update – 01/03/15

Hi there! It’s Michelle this week.

It’s been a really relaxing last couple of weeks and I hope you have taken some time off too.

One place I never take time off from, though, is responding to our member’s requests for video critiques in our forum. Below, one of our members posted a fun video and shares with us how she did a rather special technique.

In addition, I have a free Resource Guide from my friend, Angela Wills, over at Graphics Mojo. Keep it handy while you are working on your PowerPoint slides and video content.

From the Blog:

“Student Showcase: An Imaginative Green Screen Technique”

We have a very active forum with the members of our monthly Screencast Video Coaching.

One of our members was particularly active and creative over the last couple of weeks and shared a video with us for critique. By popular demand – here is her follow-up video in which she shares her secret “Camtasia Green Screen Picture Window Cutout Technique“.

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30 Low Cost or No Cost Graphic Resources:

Good graphics and images for your business are SO important these days. What are you doing to include them in ALL parts of your marketing? Here’s a free Resource Guide from my friend Angela Wills of Graphics Mojo that lists 30 places you can get the graphics you need for all your needs.

To learn how to make your own graphics for videos, PowerPoint slides and your website I highly recommend her Graphics Mojo course.

==>Learn Camtasia subscribers can use the Coupon Code “HalfPrice”.

*This course includes Angela’s bonus workshop “Graphics for WordPress” which starts Monday, January 5th and runs through the 30th.

That’s it for this week – see you next weekend!

Lon Naylor and Michelle Schoen
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Weekly Video Update – 01/10/15

Lon Naylor here with your weekly Video News You Can Use!

Let’s get 2015 off to a great start, shall we?

From My YouTube Channel:

On a recent webinar, one of our students asked how to replicate a “talking head” technique in a Camtasia video he saw on YouTube.

Here ya go:

Some will find it ironic that I talk about the virtues of appearing on-camera in this tutorial yet fail to do so myself. Hey! It was a webinar and I was having a bad hair day.

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Adding “Redirects” To Your Facebook Marketing Videos:

Let’s face it… getting traffic to watch your videos is a pain!

Personally, I’m exploring the options of putting my videos where the traffic already IS… Facebook.

Here’s a delightfully simple tool for under 10 bucks!

==> Video Auto Click

Here’s a sample of one of my demo/tutorials, posted on Facebook, that delivers high value… and then drives traffic to my PresenterMedia link:

Now… technically, Faebook itself now let’s you do a Call To Action Button as I demonstrated in this blog post. But only on Pages…

With Video Auto Click you can put them on posts and groups also. And the sweetest part is: You can use a Facebook Re-Targeting Pixel too! If you don’t know what that is… you probably will because it’s an awesome marketing tactic.

No brainer, under 10 buck tool ==> Video Auto Click

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[AWESOME ALERT!] Like us on Facebook!

We’ll be running Contests for cool video stuff!

==> https://www.facebook.com/LearnCamtasia

CONTEST UPDATE: Ironing out some kinks in my Facebook Contest software and we’ll be running one soon, but I’ve picked the first prize:

1 full year of the Powtoon BUSINESS level Animation Tool. This baby would run you $684… I’m giving one away soon, so be sure to Like and Follow us so you can enter!

Have a great weekend!

Lon Naylor and Michelle Schoen
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Weekly Video Update – 01/17/15

Hi there! It’s Michelle this week. I tried hard to get this out to you on Saturday, as we normally do, but this weekend was crazy. I do, however, have some great tips for you in this week’s newsletter so let’s dive right in…

From the Blog:

“Ask the Video Experts”
How do I get started as a Screencast service provider? How do I turn a PowerPoint into a video? Where do I find music to use in my videos? These were just a few of the questions we answered in our semi annual “Ask the Video Experts” no pitch, no agenda webinar. Take a look. Perhaps you’ll see a topic you’ve been wanting to know more about.

While you’re there grab the free template and our free “Ask the Video Experts” workbook containing 4 additional videos.

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Quick Tip:

Usually when I record a client demoing their software, I have it transcribed to create the script.

Well, I just discovered a great use for the half speed option on the controller in a produced Camtasia video. Perfect speed for doing my own transcription!

Of course, the speaker sounds like she is drunk at that speed but, at least, I can catch every word she says without ever having to pause and rewind the recording. This saves me money over having to outsource the work.

That’s it for this week – see you next weekend!

Lon Naylor and Michelle Schoen
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Weekly Video Update – 01/24/15

Hi there! It’s Lon Naylor this week with your Video News:

From the Facebook Page:
We’re having a Refer-A-Friend Contest to give away a FREE Year of access to PowToon Business Level animation tool worth $684!
Enter and Share to Win! ==> Free Year of PowToon
PowToon is an online animation tool I use quite a bit.
I love how easy it is to use and how fast I can kick out PowerPoint-like videos but the thing I love most about it is… it has a timeline.
Here’s a sample of “typography” animation I created to test how well PowToon could let me synchronize the text and graphics. It was MUCH easier than using PowerPoint!
This is a totally kick-butt free prize!
Don’t miss your chance to win:
ENTER & SHARE ==> http://s.heyo.com/4d256c
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From the Blog:

A really great video marketing tool for your YouTube channel is to use something called an “End Card” or sometimes called an “End Slate”.

In this Screencast Coaching excerpt, Lon covers what that is, why it’s useful, and gives some top tips for making your own and using it in your Camtasia videos that you upload to YouTube.
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Resource News:
EasyWebinar 4.0
If you are NOT using webinars, you’re missing a top business revenue & content model.

Sure, you can use Google Hangouts (and you should!) but even better is a webinar marketing funnel platform.

We do this with GoToWebinar and LeadPages, but it costs us a small fortune every year… about $1,440 to be exact.

Every year! And we happily pay that because webinars are so profitable.

This is an excellent option (available for a very limited time) for a one-time price. Then it moves to an annual fee: ==> EasyWebinar 4.0

As a bonus, I’ll throw in 6 months of our Screencast Coaching Webinars if you get it through my link.  Just forward a copy of your Clickbank receipt to: lonnaylor@gmail.com

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Video Maker Toolkit:

Ya know, I loves me some video toolkits!

Max Rylinski is one of my go-to graphics guys and here’s a very nice set of stuff you can use in your Camtasia & PowerPoint videos:

==> Video Maker Toolkit

That’s it for this week. See you next weekend!
Lon Naylor and Michelle Schoen
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Weekly Video Update – 01/31/15

Hi there, I hope you’re doing well. It’s Michelle Schoen with you this week for our weekly Video Wrap-Up. In this newsletter I’ll be sharing my latest blog post which focuses on the elements of a great multilesson course. I’ll also give you a link to a free webinar replay on passive income from one of my favorite “Reoccuring Income” experts, David Perdew. 

From the Blog:

An Example of a Multi-Lesson Video Training
It can be hard to find really good examples of video training you can use as a model for your own courses.

This week I’ve been taking a free course from the University of Pennsylvania at Coursera.org. These type of courses are called MOOCs (which stands for Massive Open Online Course). The particular course I’m taking is “Gamification” which is a hot topic these days in the elearning world.  It means adding game-like elements to training to make it more fun and motivational.

Read More…

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Making Passive Income:

There’s a good chance that you are interested in creating videos because you know that you can create them once and get passive income from selling them for years.

In the free webinar replay below one of my mentors, David Perdew, explains how, in addition to selling his own products, he makes passive income from a variety of other sources including: Affiliate Marketing, Coaching and membership sites. 

What I like about this video is that David is one of the very few really sincere, non-hypy Internet Marketers I know. He truthfully depicts where his passive income is coming from and what you should focus on to build these types of income streams.

While you are there, you should check out the $7 trial of the NAMS membership. I’ve been a member for years and speak at his live events twice a year. You’ll learn A LOT!

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Just a Reminder:

When you are ready to purchase Camtasia Studio and/or Snagit just a reminder that you can do so via my reseller site at GetCamtasia.com. And, when you do, you get a whole slew of additional training videos that you won’t find anywhere else.

So, feel free to download the trial from any site but when you’re ready to purchase I hope you’ll consider checking out all the bonuses you’ll only get from me 🙂

That’s it for this week. See you next weekend!

Lon Naylor and Michelle Schoen
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