February 2015

Weekly Video Update – 02/07/15

Hi there, Lon Naylor here with this week’s Video News!

From the Blog:

Public Domain Video Content
Pond5 is known as an excellent source for stock images, video clips, audio, and more. All things we use in our video projects of all kinds.

They now have something called The Public Domain Project.

A beautiful search and download engine for content that you can use however you like for free because it’s in the public domain! Sweet!

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Elite Video Evolution:

Last year, I met a guy named Ryan Phillips. Really sharp chap! I evaluated a video training course from him called Elite Video Evolution and gave it a hearty thumbs up.

Today, EVE 2.0 is launching and it’s even better.

Best part? Less than 10 bucks… but not for long.

==> Elite Video Evolution 2.0

Here’s a quick look at what’s inside:

  • How to use the 6 persuasion triggers
  • How to use embedded commands to influence your viewers
  • How to create a HQ video sales video in a day
  • Plus done for you video templates
  • Swipe and deploy video scripts

In fact, I liked it so much, I asked Ryan if I could add a bonus to his product of my Screencast Studios PowerPoint For Video training and he said yes.

It’s waiting inside the members area for you! ūüėČ

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Can You HELP Me Out?

So… this month, I’m launching a new Camtasia For Marketers Training Course and we’ll be doing a 3 Video Pre-Launch.

Here’s a sneak peek at Video #1:

The purpose of these kinds of launch videos is to build buzz and provide social proof for when the cart opens.

Can you please leave a comment and Share?

That would be awesome!

That’s it for this week. See you next weekend!

Lon Naylor and Michelle Schoen
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Weekly Video Update – 02/14/15

Hope you had a great weekend. I’ve spent the last hour talking to my daughter about school, and how much more of her school lectures are on video, as teachers work hard to get more of their content converted to online video. Our discussing inspired my blog post for this week which I share with you below. I also have some FYI info on how we budget our monthly expenses here at Learn Camtasia and a heads up on a half price offer, coming tomorrow, on one of our popular courses.

From the Blog:

12 Ways Video is Being Used in Education
In preparation for some live training I was doing last week, I researched how different schools were incorporating video into the pre-class homework for the new “Flipped Classroom” technique being use in many schools. While doing the research, I came upon a great web page showing 12 samples of the types of videos teachers can create, the benefits and drawbacks of each kind and the approximate cost.

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What does it cost to run the Learn Camtasia site?

If it is your intention to create a membership and product site like Lon and I have here at LearnCamtasia.com, you may be curious as to what we budget for fixed expenses each month.

  • Email Service Provider -$30/month
  • Webinar Service Provider-$79/month
  • Website Hosting- About $100/month
  • Virtual Assistant: About $500/month
  • Video Hosting: About $20/month

We also have small annual costs associated with upgrading licences on some of the applications we use for our membership site and sales pages.

While not everyone will use the same applications or outsource the same things, this can give you a pretty good idea of what to include in your budget.

Note, that this doesn’t include the costs of setting up the business and the website, it is just our monthly expenses. It’s certainly less expensive than owning a brick and mortar store.

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Have you considered a “Career in Screencasting”?

I believe I speak for both Lon and myself when I say that we just love our jobs. For so many reasons. Because we work in a creative field, we get to work from our homes, we have the confidence that the field of online video is rapidly growing and our sales and profit get better every year.

This week we are offering a special price on our course “A Career in Screencasting”. This course will get you started in the field exactly the same way that I did – by learning as you create videos as a service.

Look for an email tomorrow with a special discount code for this course.

That’s it for this week. See you next weekend!

Lon Naylor and Michelle Schoen
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Weekly Video Update – 02/21/15

Lon Naylor here with this week’s video tips and resources.

From the Blog:

“Old Time” Film Effect in Camtasia
I gotta say… TechSmith has been kicking up the content on their blog as of late! Here’s a nifty example of how you can add an “old time” movie effect at Production time in Camtasia:

Check out the sample I did above and my notes on the blog link below.


Read More

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You Need a Site to Sell Your Video Products:

If you want to sell your video products (tutorials, training, etc.), Ya gotta have a site! A membership site is best for protecting your content and allowing only customers to access it. Last week, Michelle gave an overview of what it takes to run the LearnCamtasia.com site.

I bought this option Friday…

==> Value Add-On System

<sigh> I HATE building websites! I have a love/hate relationship with WordPress which is what we currently use to do this:

  • It is constantly under relentless attack by WP searching hackers
  • It requires plugins… themes… more plugins…
  • We use LeadPages for sales & squeeze pages, DAP for membership…
  • Pay $100 a month to host everything
  • AND large annual fees for DAP & LeadPages

It’s just kinda all “cobbled” together, but it works.

I’ve tried other platforms like Kajabi (wicked expensive!) and UDemy (not bad).

I got the 10 Site License of Value Add-On during the special promo going on for a few more days and created this site in… about an HOUR. Seriously… start to finish:

 ==> My First Value Add-on Site


Now honestly, I obviously haven’t had time to exhaustively test everything and I’ve only scratched the customizing surface but I coded NOTHING!

The only thing I started with was 3 training tutorial videos which is the product and a logo image.

I had no payment processor (I now have 2 – took 10 minutes), sales page, membership area, affiliate program, management system, hosting server, etc.¬† –¬† and now I do.

It’s all cloud-based for scalability & performance, uses Amazon S3¬†(but not MY S3!) and both of those are hosted for free.

This is REALLY worth a look!

==> Value Add-On Membership System

Let me know what you think?

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Have you considered a “Career in Screencasting”?

We have so many excellent students who are taking their screencast video skills and making a good living doing video work for clients! Sound interesting?

This week we are offering a special price on our course “A Career in Screencasting“. This course will get you started in the field¬†exactly the same way that I did – by learning as you create videos as a service.

This Special ends Monday at midnight!

That’s it for this week. See you next weekend!

Lon Naylor and Michelle Schoen
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