December 2015

Bi-Weekly Video Update – 12/12/15

Hi, it’s Lon with this week’s video tips, tutorials, templates and news!

From the Blog:

A Free Levidio PowerPoint Video Project!
One of my favorite PowerPoint video template creators is Ilham Zulkarnain from Levideo and they have a new set of excellent templates HERE: ==> Levideo v3.0

Well, I talked Ilham into letting me give some of these away AND created tutorials on how to use them for you:

Get all the goodies (no opt-in required) on the blog and also check out the special Levidio 3.0 launch special and my bonuses.

This is just a really fun & useful template with dozens of useful applications and elements we can leverage (as you'll see in the post)! 😉

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You Can Still Get This Webinar Replay & Free Course

You may have missed the free training on Friday called:

"Found Money: Creating Multiple Streams of Passive Income"

…but it's not too late to sign up for the free course or watch the replay.

David Perdew shares how he generates "Do the work once- get paid for years" passive income.

And Michelle Schoen is on the webinar to show you how much of it can all be done using your video skills.

You also have an opportunity to pay just $1.00 to get a Two Week Trial to the Novice to Advanced Marketing Seminar (NAMS) membership.

It’s a great deal so check it out with THIS LINK.

That’s it for this week – see you in two weeks!

Lon Naylor and Michelle Schoen
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Bi-Weekly Video Update – 12/26/15

Can you believe it is just four days until 2016? Wow, where has this year gone? Hi, it’s Michelle with some video tips, tutorials, templates and news. This week I’ll be posting about how you can plan your video topics for 2016 and you’ll get a heads up about a new workshop Lon and I are delivering.

From the Blog:

Nine Great Video Content Ideas for 2016
Typically, for a lot of you, these last few days of the year are full of organizing your home and office and getting ready for some fun parties and activities to mark the beginning of a new year.

But, I have another super valuable activity you can do over the next few days that could have a huge impact on your business in 2016.

There aren’t too many things I’ll tell you that are MUST-DO’s for your screencasting business. But planning your content is pretty high up on the list. If you struggle with coming up with topic ideas for your blog, YouTube Channel or products, this is a pretty good list to start with…

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Whats Coming in January at

Lon and I have just started a new series of 4 Micro Workshops called "The Science of Scripting and Storyboarding".

This is a must have skill for anyone who wants to create professional quality videos.

Our first session was last Wednesday and was delivered during our weekly webinar for the members of the Screencast Video Coaching program.

The remaining workshops will also be delivered during the next four weekly coaching sessions:

  • Scripting and Storyboarding a Website Tour (Dec. 23rd)
  • Scripting and Storyboarding a Software Demo (Jan. 6th at 11 EST)
  • Scripting and Storyboarding a Marketing Video (Jan. 12th 8pm EST)
  • Scripting and Storyboarding an Affiliate Sales Video (Jan. 19th 8 PM EST)
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Bonus Video in February: Scripting and Storyboarding a Training Video

If this topic is on your list of professional learning for 2016, you can either:

  1. Wait until the end of February when these replays are sold as a new training product for $97 OR
  2. Join us live for the rest of these sessions by attending them free as a member of the Screencast Video Coaching Program.

Special Price going now for the monthly membership. Pay only $27/month. Use the coupon code "camtastic" through Friday.

That’s it for this week – see you in two weeks!

Lon Naylor and Michelle Schoen
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