Spicing Up the Salespage to Market your Video Tutorials

Once you have created your video course, if you are trying to sell it, you are going to have to create some kind of salespage to market it.  And no matter how much internet traffic you send to that page, if it does not convert your visitors into buyers you will be wasting your time. The salespage that Lon and I have for our LearnCamasia.com course does pretty well helping people to decide if they would benefit from the course material and if it will be worth the price. But, lately, we have been thinking more about what we need to add to spice it up.

Adding a Unique Selling Proposition

So my job this week is to think about the various benefits our course has over any other course that exists and why people should choose to take it versus taking a live on-site Camtasia class, purchasing a book on Camtasia or just searching for some YouTube Videos on screencasting. As you have your own video course completed you will need to start thinking about what is special about your course.  be firstYou have to think about what makes your product unique in the market place and why  your target market would want to spend their hard earned money on it, rather than use that money to buy some competitor’s course or even spend it on some new furniture.


Start Brainstorming

So start brainstorming what makes your course different. If it is exactly like someone else’s course you best hope yours is cheaper. So, after a little brainstorming  today I came up with a some features of our course that set us apart from our competition 

  • Videos that can be watched over and over when you are ready to learn the material
  • Twice Weekly live Webinar sessions with the instructors (Lon and I) to go over materials
  • Accountability and mastermind sessions to keep students on track and focused on productivity 
  • Community forum to submit your videos for critique
  • Opportunity to meet other students via the social network site for joint venture projects
  • Additional Videos showing the exact step by step procedures for how to produce a marketing or tutorial video
  • Videos, Templates and files to help students create autorun CDs and DVDs

Now of course, I have to take time to translate those into the benefits students will receive when they use those features such as

  • Less frustration in trying to figure out things on their own
  • Faster video creation
  • Higher quality videos
  • Saving time trying to research the answers to their questions
  • Live people to bounce ideas off of
  • Shortcuts for less stress

etc. etc. I think you get the point.

Translating into Copy

Then you need to take all those items and make them into cool looking copy.  This is always the hard part for me because I feel like I border on the edge of being fake when I take my real honest words and spice them all up.  But what you are really doing is generating excitement for your product. If you can just write the way you talk when you are describing things to someone else on the phone and you get all excited about it it should come out just fine.  i got a lot of my ideas for writing copy from this salesflow document from the Conversion Doctor.

For example something like this (these are not really going on our salespage they are just examples).


  • Get instant download access to the exact script template we use to create storyboards for videos for our top clients… to keep them hiring from us over and over again!
  • How xxxxxxx not only records 10 videos in a day, they process and upload those videos in one step! You’ll find out exactly how to duplicate our success… and you’ll NEVER go back to the old way ever again
  • One of a kind, never before released xxxxxxx  to post videos customized for your members, automatically add your video to your comments and posts, and more!

See how each bullet looks like something fun and exciting? You don’t want your salespages to be all boring or no one is going to read them. They should remind you a little of the infomercials you see late at night where it looks like the salesperson is on their tenth cup of coffee.

Add Some Case Studies

Testimonials are great and all but if you really want more people to buy your course you need to add a few student case studies. I am currently tracking down a few of our Camtasia training students to see what they have created as a result of taking our training. If you have some former students that you have coached or trained live you might be able to see if they have created any products or made changes to their business as a result of your course. This is more valuable proof than just having students say you are a great teacher or they liked the course. Prospective students want to see what others have actually done with the information. During our Camtasia Live sessions I am spending time doing some serious motivational coaching with our students to get them off their booties to start creating those videos they have been saying they want to do. I want to have tons of case studies to add to our salespage over the next year.

If you want to see the before and after you can look at our current salespage here LearnCamtasia.com then come back to look at it in about a week when I have spiced it up and let me know what you think.





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