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Whew! Quite of bit of information yesterday on the whole Planning process, eh? While you make your way through this very important stage in the process, here is some easy content that may help you “get your head around” why we place so much emphasis on all this stuff before we even show you how to use Camtasia!

To create a great screencast, we need to know what makes a great screencast…so let’s begin by asking the question:

What is a Killer Screencast?”

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Duration: 6 minutes


So how do you go about making sure your video encompasses all of the things that make up a killer screencast?

By making sure the goals we outlined are addressed during the video creation process.

Every screencast (or any video for that matter) is created and implemented using some variation of the following workflow:

An idea or goal put into action with some level of planning

Gathering and preparing everything that is needed to make that plan happen

The process of actually recording the video and audio content

Making modifications and/or enhancements to arrive at a final product

Processing the edited version into a digital video format suited to the goal or purpose

Distributing or displaying the video to an intended audience to obtain the desired effect

Our goal with Learn Camtasia is to

Provide you with a collection of our Top Tips, Tricks, Tools, and Resources in each of these stages of the video production process for creating better screencast videos.

Let’s be very clear about a couple of things that have been mentioned so far:

1. The process of making great screencasts is essentially a creative one.

There is no way to cover ALL the possible uses, configurations, tactics, or programs that can be used when pursuing a creative endeavor.

These ideas, tools, and resources are designed to give you a tactical advantage by highlighting specific ways to use them to create more effective marketing videos.

2. These are techniques that we have found work for us. And, in fact, even Michelle & Lon both will do things differently than each other! It will be most useful and effective for you to take the outlined steps and concepts…and find what works for YOU.

3. The techniques and tactics we are showing you here are NOT written in stone! Sometimes we use all of the tactics…many times we don’t. It depends on the project.

Also, we are constantly finding little short-cuts, techniques, and ideas that we add to our "styles". You should do the same!

These methods have been defined and refined during the last two years and are the result of many hundreds of hours of research, testing, tweaking, and trial-and-error experimentation.

Over this period of time, we’ve learned a lot about what to do to make better videos. And, as importantly in many cases, what NOT to do!

Tomorrow, we’ll start to learn the Recording process and get to makin’ some videos!


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