Nine Great Video Content Ideas for 2016

Typically, for a lot of you, these last few days of the year are full of organizing your home and office and getting ready for some fun parties and activities to mark the beginning of a new year.

But, I have another super valuable activity you can do over the next few days that could have a huge impact on your business in 2016.

There aren’t too many things I’ll tell you that are MUST-DO’s for your Screencasting business. But planning your content is pretty high up on the list. If you struggle with coming up with topic ideas for your blog, YouTube Channel or products, this is a pretty good list to start with….


#1: Educate

Tell people about your product or services. Give the details on features and benefits. Tell them everything they’ll receive once they make the purchase.

#2: Answer questions

What do you get asked most about your product or services? Most of us can think of a list of at least 5 to 10 questions we get asked often. Make short 2- to 3-minute videos clips where you state the question and then the answer. These are easy to make and extremely valuable to your prospects.

#3: Do a product review

Find a product or service that would be of interest to your niche and your audience and do a review on its benefits and features.

#4: Grow your list

If you have a business, you need a list of potential clients. Make a video to encourage your prospects to give you their name and email in exchange for something you will give them. You can give away an ebook, an article (tips, strategies and how-tos are always popular), a tutorial video, a free consultation, a type of assessment, etc. Figure out what your prospects would find most valuable and create a giveaway around that. (Here’s a hint: give away your best stuff. Don’t hold back.)

#5: Talk about your case studies and results

Make a video about the results you were able to achieve while working with a client or talk about a case study and show what you did for them and how you can do the same for the viewer. You can also show a case study of someone who did not follow your guidance or use the method you teach and failed. Another similar idea is to read testimonials from your most satisfied customers while weaving in key examples.

#6: Tell a story

People can relate to you when you tell a compelling story. Weave a lesson into your story as a takeaway. You can also tell about an event from your past that has shaped who you are or how you do business today.

#7 Debunk myths

Talk about the top three myths in your industry and give real examples to show why they are truly myths.

#8: Take your viewers behind the scenes

Take your viewers outside of your office and show yourself in your “natural surroundings.” If appropriate, introduce your family and show things that are meaningful to you. Tie in some of your business secrets—how you organize your business, what type of setup you use to get things done, etc. Pull back the curtains and give tips on how you do business.

#9: Ask questions and answer them

Ask your viewers some key questions that will spark conversation about their wants and needs as they relate to your niche. Personally answer the question yourself and then ask your viewers to leave their answers below in the comments section. This will start discussion.

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