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“Top Screencast Tools” Report

Tools We Use
We’ll show you where to get stuff you need like sound effects, graphics, recording equipment, training, etc. with our top time saving and battle tested resources to help you get your screencast video projects DONE!

“Ace the Audio” Video Tutorial

The #1 problem we consistently see in Camtasia videos actually has nothing to do with video…it’s BAD AUDIO! You’ll find out what that means in the Ace the Audio tutorial but understand this:

Severe problems with your audio will CRUSH the effectiveness and watch ability of your videos by a huge percentage. This is usually easy to avoid so make sure you’re starting out right with this important component!

“Video Settings in PLAIN ENGLISH” Tutorial

Confused by terms like Bit Rate, Frame Rate, Codecs and just how video works in general? If you’ve ever tried to figure this out, you know that it’s a technical nightmare! In this video, Lon walks you through it all, step-by-step and explains it to you… in PLAIN ENGLISH!

“Marketing Hacks” Video

Video Marketing Hacks

Overview of a new tutorial series called Video Marketing Hacks: Short, quick outsourcing instructions for video marketing tasks.

“Animated Faces” PowerPoint Slides

Animated Faces

Learn how to create the perfect images for your screencasts. You will also learn how to remove the background from your images.

“Planning and Strategy” Tutorial Video

Learn what you need to know before you ever hit the Record button. A good screencast video production requires planning the content ahead of time and getting set up properly.

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